Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm very thankful

And we got closer and closer to that thing called 'Christmas'.  I am ascared of it!  What is it?  Bob and Wraggs tell me stories that make my hair tingle and force me to eat more kibble.

Late 2008 Mom still had a job, such as it was, she was bringing home kibble.  It was also stressing her out.   But we got to have the holidays.  First we had Thanksgiving.  I had my list of things to be thankful for:
  • Mom
  • Bob and Wraggs - they are good friends
  • shelter - try living on the street sometime, it isn't fun
  • kibble - omg, it is the best.  I mean the live food was fine but I wasn't good at hunting.  This is much better
  • Mom - did I mention her already?  She is a good person, you can tell.  She always talks nice to me and lets me snuggle.  I am no longer ascared.  OK, I am ascared when the doorbell rings and anyone comes in but other than that, I am safe.
  • A home. 
  • And love.  Lots of love.
See, there are things to be thankful for.  Now we really needed to get on with the holiday festivities
This....this...this was so not what I had in mind.  I was thinking we would have some turkey, stuffing, pie.  But no, nope, not here.  Mom gets weird and puts stuff on me and and.....I can't even talk it is so awful.  I hope bad things happen to the other two too.

Oh, I see Bob is happy about the holiday stuff too.  Only fair that he gets it.  I wonder what Wraggs will be wearing.

Wait a cotton pickn' minute.....she looks happy!  Doesn't she get it?  Mom is embarrassing us!  Wraggs always was a suck up.

Oh my stars!  Isn't he handsome?  I do miss that orange dude.  He was really nice to me.  We slept together. AS FRIENDS, nothing like that at all.  Bob never tried to have his way with me.  He was always so kind to me. 

OK, so Christmas wasn't that bad.  I could only hope that it happened this year and not again and again and again.   But from what B&W said, I better get used to it.  sigh.  It's the price I pay for love

ho ho freaking ho
Love and kisses and smelly farts (that is from Wraggs of course)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am a natural beauty

And then we moved into my birthday and Halloween and Mom's birthday.  The end of October and the beginning of November are busy here. 

Mom doesn't really know when my birthday is so she just picked a day that seemed right.  The day that my namesake passed away and went to the human bridge, where I am sure she was met by all the doggies and kitties who were waiting there for her.  I heard that she really loved animals.  Has to be true, Mom couldn't have turned out like this if she wasn't raised around folks who loved animals. 

Those are pictures of Mom's Mom with cats.  They are older pictures, from the 1930's & 1940's.  It was way before I was born but I can tell, that lady liked kitties. 

Anyway, we moved into Halloween time and Mom got out the camera and took pictures.  WHY?????
Yes that is a wig and not my natural hair.  You can't tell can you?  I wanted it to look realistic but Mom, she screwed up and got purple.  sheesh!
Bob and I checked out the patio, to see that it was all good out here.  Wait a minute, Bob is checking ME out.  He must be mesmerized by the blocks of fur on my back.  It almost looks like a checkerboard.  I hope no gets any ideas about that.  

And sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going.  Or if I want to go back outside or not.  Mom has told me no, not going out there again.  She also doesn't like that I can catch lizards and bring them in really fast.  But but but, that is FOOD!  The real gooshy stuff! 

On that note, I think I need to get with Mom and give her some love.  She is needy that one.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Embarrassment begins for me

This being inside gig is awesome!  I can still look outside but I am not outside in the wind, rain and icky stuff.  Just don't know how I could have ever done without Mom. 

Bob and I really started getting closer and closer to each other.  We spent time together.  I liked having him around.  He showed me so many things, like how it is great to sleep on the couch.  Sleep on the bed.  He had a lot of information on Mom to share with me too.

He told me about this penchant Mom has for putting stuff on us and then taking pictures and sharing those pictures with the world.  I guess we just have to put up with this in order to live here.  I can deal with it I guess.  I just hope it isn't too embarrassing.

Well, great, now everyone knows I don't have a Brazilian wax.  Mom!  This is embarrassing!  I mean really, does everyone have to see my girl parts? 

I guess I can put up with the pictures as long as there are some good ones every now and then.

Great, now everyone can see down my throat!  I tell you, I get no respect here.  I get lots of love and food but no respect. 

OK, that is better, I look good in this one.  BTW, Mom says this is one of her favorite pictures of me.  She says it is like I am remembering what it is like out there and am thankful I am in here. 

Now I am ready for some yummy food and love. 

We are almost up to Christmas 2008!!!  I have no idea what will happen with that, I don't know what it is but Bob and Wraggs have warned me that really really bad stuff happens.  We wear HATS!  THIS is not right at all.  Not right......

Wait, Mom left me in charge in real time (today) while she went to get the moving box fixed, I should of put the heathens on ebay.  Seems it needed a new battery.  Mom figured as much but the store thought it might be something different then went back and said 'put in new battery and get the catputer going'.  Mom drove the moving box home!  Whew, and she is smiling cause it works.  I like when Mom smiles. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back to the mean doctor lady

Oh man, I'd been here 6 whole months and Mom had to take me back to the mean doctor.  What did I do wrong?  I don't know.  I was licking my girl parts a lot and then Mom picked me up and I was all wet.  Mom used a tissue on me and found BLOOD!  That can't be good.  So Mom called mean doctor lady  and made an appointment.  I knew what that meant.  Bad things ahead so I ran under Mom's bed to be safe.  

This of course really ticked off my Mom.  Not a good thing to do at all.  Mom finally got me and put me in this cloth sack and took me out to the big box that moves.  This was not going to be good.  Then I did something great.  Mom opened the house to the outside and I got scared and got out of the cloth sack!  Mom didn't even get the moving box moving!  I was FREEEEEEE!  I ran and ran and ran around the moving box on the inside but could not figure out how to get out of it.  Crap.  The door closed to the outside and Mom got hold of me when I stopped on the dashboard.  She got out of the big box and got a different container for me, one I couldn't get out of and then she put me back in the big box and we went to the mean doctor's office. 

I wasn't done yet.  When we went into the back room and they tried to weigh me, I ran.  I ran away!  I didn't go anywhere.  I just went into their office where Mom came and got me while one of the mean girls came running with a towel thinking I might attack Mom.  The thought never entered my mind, she is Mom, you don't hurt her.  Mom carried me back so they could weigh me.  Hell, girls do not like their weight checked, I know this.  Mom hates it. 

Mean doctor came in and they figured out I had an infection and I got some oh so not yummy antibiotics to take.  As long as it made me feel better, I did not like the itchiness of my girl parts. 

It was becoming fall.  I remember this time of year.  It gets darker earlier and it is easier to hide from bad things.  Oh wait, there are no bad things here, whew, life is good.

Bob and I really connected, he is like my best friend I never had, like the older brother I needed, like the love of my life.  Hey, that isn't weird, we are good friends. 

I really enjoy being with Mom.  I sit with her when she is on that funny box talking to friends.  I didn't know she had friends.  People who care about her.  I guess I understand that. 
I can only imagine what the rest of the year will bring.  Gooshy foods?  Treats?  Some love from Mom?  I do know that I have to be extra loving to Mom.  Stuff makes her upset, it is that thing she goes to every day, that job thing.  I am pretty sure a job is evil.  Mom should stay home with me all the time.  Yes, I think that would be the perfect job.  I'll update Mom's resume for that soon.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleeping on the big bed

By July of that year I was really extra brave!  I ventured into Mom's room at night.  I wasn't sure what was in there and was prepared for anything.  Well, almost.  At first I sat outside the door just looking in.  Then I did the scariest thing ever.  I walked in and looked around.  Imagine my horror when I happened upon the DOG!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, doggies are bad and evil!  I hissed at the mean doggy and ran out of the room.  And the worst part, I heard Mom laughing at me!  At me!  I was brave and tried to go in the room and explore.  Someday soon, I will be back, I promise.
I had no idea but that doggy is a big ass chicken!  She was scared of ME!  WHOOHOOO!!!  Life just got much better for me.  I am now in control of this situation.  I can go anywhere I want to now. 

One night I decided it was time.  I was going to get up on that big bed with Mom.  I mean, Bob was up there, why can't I go up there too?  So, I jumped up.  It was HUGE.  I wandered around and got up to the things at the top, what are they again?  Oh yes, pillows.  Mom's head was there.  I wanted to kiss her.  So I got up on one of the pillow things.  Mom reached up and petted and then had the biggest shock of her life.  (maybe, I don't know about that totally).  She was petting a cat with a tail!  Me!!  See, Bob didn't have a tail, he had it removed as a little guy (must have been some vanity thing for him, he wanted everyone to see his boy parts).  Mom started laughing again but this time she wasn't laughing at me.  She was happy and laughing cause I finally discovered that kitties get to sleep on the bed with Mom. 

Wow, I've been here almost 6 months now.  I've come so far from when I was on the street.  I never want to go outside again and thankfully Mom understands and doesn't say 'out' to me.  I don't think she would.  She seems to have a good heart and loves animals.  Obviously if she keeps this around.

Yeah, me and Wraggs became good friends.  I had no idea that a dog could be good but this one, she has a good heart too.  I think I won the lottery that cold February morning when Wraggs and Mom found me. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled programming - all about Me!

Now back to the story of me.  Because it is all about me.  ME!!!

By June of 2008 I was becoming much more comfortable with Mom and my surroundings.  I still lived in Mom's office, which was pretty good.  I was safe from that horrible Bob and the scary doggy.  I was letting Mom pet me more and more and I was showing off my very pretty self.
Wow, look at me.  All my white parts are white now and my colors have really started to show.  I am one hot little babe.  I know Bob will be my boyfriend now.  I am so happy!  I started working on my sexy poses, just for Bob the cat.

Plus if I do this, Mom will come and give me tummy rubs.  I do love tummy rubs.  I really am being a show off where my body is concerned. 

Mom started leaving my door open so I could see stuff but she had that gate thing closed to keep out the scary doggy and that handsome Bob.  I got to smell and see stuff and really was starting to feel like I 'might' be ready to come out and be part of the family.  Mom started leaving the little door open for me and I would come out at night when everyone was asleep.   But if anyone moved I would run back to the office where I knew I was safe.  I bet someday I will act like I own this house.  For now I will just own Mom and her office. 

Update on the outside kitty Mom found over the weekend.  Her owners were found and they went to the mean doctor's office and picked her up.  Kitty lives behind us and down a few houses.  She is a rescue just like me!  And she had babies!  She now is an inside/outside kitty and 4 of her babies still live with her in that house.   Thankfully I will continue to be the hottest babe in this house.  Sorry Mom, I am the hottest. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm FOUR years old today!!!!

Mom said I can't have what I want for my birthday.  She said the heathens are here to stay.  Dammit!  I wanted to be an only kitty, have Mom to myself.  I will have to make due with having Mom ALL to myself at bedtime.  She is MINE you stinking heathens!  Mine, mine, mine!  bwahhahahahahaha

Back to my party.  Mom's having sangria and I am sleeping.  This is my kind of party. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Butt smelling - the newest thing in pickup lines

I started to become braver and braver.  Mom still put the thingie (I hear it is called a leash) on me so I wouldn't run and hide or kill Bob.  I would never hurt Bob.  I don't have a mean bone in my body.  I came out one day and Bob and I sat in the sun and gave Mom some great shots of us. 
You can't see it here, but Bob is looking at me with love in his eyes!  OK, maybe not love but it wasn't disgust and I was pretty sure he wasn't thinking about defiling me.  Whoohoo, a boy who won't hurt me.  Now this is what I am talkin' about. 

What the hell are you doing back there?  That is my bottom and why are you smelling it?  Yes, I let Bob smell my hiney.  What can I say, I wanted to get to know him and this is a good meet and greet. 

It seems that Bob the cat is a good guy.  He'd never been around other cats before so Mom didn't know how he would act, if he would be civilized or not.  I think Bob was raised by good folks.  Mom says it was her Mom and Dad who raised him.  I wish I could meet them and thank them for that but they have gone to the rainbow bridge.  But I am named after my Grandma, that makes me feel extra close to her.  Plus that makes Mom smile.  I like to make Mom smile. 

See, this made Mom smile and laugh. 

Oh my cats, I am fast forwarding to today.  OMC!  Mom got up late and went out on the patio to do something and a little calico came running up to her.  And do you know what Mom did?  She petted her!  And she fed her!  And the worst thing of all, she brought her in the house!  Aren't the 3 heathen brothers enough?  Sheesh!  Mom took her to the mean doctor lady and found out that the calico has a chip.  Yeah Baby!  whoohooo, what does that mean?  Is she bionic?  Mom said the little calico has a Mommy and a Daddy already and they are trying to find them so the little calico is staying at the mean doctor's building.  Mom doesn't know what will happen with her but knowing Mom, she will be coming back here to usurp my caliconess. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

And now I get to see more of my new home

After I started letting Mom hold me and pet me things really started to progress.  I realized that this is one awesome gig I have going on and I was hoping I didn't do anything to screw it up.  I made sure I peed and pooped in my litter box, I ate all my food like a good kitty and I let Mom hold me and cuddle me.  I thought that would be it, I would stay in this room, Mom would talk to me and hold me and all would be good.  But Mom had different ideas. 

She made me leave the room.  It was AWFUL SCARY.
For some reason Mom put this thingie on me that held me in place.  It looked weird.  It felt weird and there was a string on it.  But Mom thought it was a good idea to keep track of me and not let me run back to my safe room right away.  But I LIKE my safe room!  I really like it there.

My bestest friend is there.  Bunny.  OK, so Mom is a good friend but my bunnies give me comfort when Mom is gone.  I don't need to see more than the bunnies. 

Then one day something really interesting happened.  I met Bob.  OMG, he was handsome.

I wasn't real sure how to feel about all of this.  I have the thingie on me here with the long string on it.  And Bob, he is just looking at me.  I'm sure he is disgusted with me.  Or he is trying to figure out how to defile me.  No, Bob was a good kitty.  He never hurt me.  In fact, I think we came to really care about each other.  I wish he was still around.  I miss him. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I come out of my shell

After I moved into Mom's office I started to feel more comfortable.  I was still scared of things but I could look outside and see that outside was not coming inside.  I was safe from all the bad things that are outside.  I really started to relax.

Mom got this gate thing for the door in the office.  I don't know why, I wasn't leaving.  And I really hoped no one was coming in here with me.  Well, Mom could come in, I was really starting to like her. 

And all of a sudden Mom got a job, she was excited (that too would change but not for a little bit).  I loved having Mom home all the time but I think she needed to get out and work.  Shoot, I had to have my kibble and gooshies!  I would protect the office from all the bad things around. 

The weekend before Mom started her new job she decided it was time for me to come out of my box with her in the room.  WHAT???  I can't, I'm shy, I don't want to be looked at.  But Mom insisted and reached in and pulled me out.  I didn't resist much.  Mom had a box all ready for me to sit in so I would be comfy.
Yes, I was a little scared but it was just Mom and me in there.  And my stuffed bunnies.  This was OK.  I felt a bit exposed, no one had ever really looked at me before.  What if I was hideous?  I mean orange, what kind of color is ORANGE?  But Mom, she looked at me and told me what a pretty little girl I was and how she loved me.  I believed her too!

Then something really shocking happened.  Mom picked me up.  And held me in her arms.  Her eyes started leaking again.  She wasn't sad though, she was really happy.  I finally let her get close to me.  It really wasn't that bad either. 

I had to close my eyes. I've never been so loved before.  I thought I might be dreaming.  Or it was a nightmare. 
Yes, this is good, this is very good.  I've made my Mom happy.  I'm pretty sure this was my purpose in life, to make Mom happy. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movin' on Up!

After I had been here for about 6 weeks, the end of March, Mom said it was time for me to move.  WHAT???  I just got a home and you want me to move?  Well, crap!  Oh wait, she didn't mean move out of the house, she just meant move out of the bathroom.  Whew. 

I moved into Mom's office.  I have no idea why she calls it that, she doesn't work in there.  She plays on the computer and pretends to exercise.  And watches cooking shows.  I hide while she was in the room with me but when she leaves and shuts the door I explore and check out the room.  hmmmm, food dish full of crispy stuff, a dish of gooshies, water dish, my box to sleep in, a litter box and hey, this thing, it looks like a cave.  I call it my cat cave.  I don't let mom know that I get in there, I only go in at night, it is so soft and warm in there.  I feel very safe. 

I don't see that orange boy kitty (he is hot) at all.  I can smell him though, I know he is out there, probably waiting to defile me.  Boys!  And the doggie, she wants to come in this room but is scared.  GOOD!  Damned dogs, no use for them at all.  Mom seems to think the orange kitty and doggie are good, maybe they are, maybe they aren't.  I will reserve my judgement till a later date 
Oh this says it all, the doggie is an idiot!  She allows this behavior by Mom!  I will never put up with such indignities.  Never ever.  Ever. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I found love

After being fixed I started to feel lots better.  Those stupid hormones were leaving my body and I was starting to look like the gorgeous cat I was always meant to be.  Mom was still spending lots of time in the bathroom with me.  She would lay on the floor and talk to me and pet me.  One afternoon she was having a really crappy day, I could tell, her eyes were leaking.  She was laying in front of the carrier, eyes leaking.  I didn't know what to do so I touched her hair.   She didn't get upset but the eyes started leaking more and she was SMILING.  I did something good!  I had no idea that she was so soft and nice.  She didn't run from me.  Touching her hair and face was nice. 

From that day on we started to get closer.  I let her touch me more and more and pet me.  I liked it so much I wouldn't let her leave, I would pull her hand close to me to pet me more.  I wanted to be with her.  Mom started having some issues with laying down on the hard floor with me.  She said soon, Ellie, soon, you will be moving out of here and into a better room.  I was excited, a new room!  I was going to see more than a toilet and a bathtub.  I would have room to move around.  Mom said she had to prepare it for me but I would get to move in there very soon. 

I had come so far in 6 weeks.  From being a kitty who was on deaths door to being a pretty little girl with a human who cares for her.  My life would never be the same.  Thank goodness.  Cause it sucked up until February 16, 2008.  That was THE day, the day I met Mom, the day I came home, the day that I finally knew love.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I have a dog sister and a cat brother!

The day the lady stuffed me in that box she had been by earlier with a DOG!  I don't like dogs.  They are mean and they chase me.  I really hoped there wasn't a DOG outside the bathroom.   And even worse than dogs are boy cats.  Boy cats want to violate me.  I don't like that.  So imagine my horror when I found out that there were both a dog and a boy cat outside the bathroom, ready to disembowel me!  I was terrified.  But Mom told me that Bob, that was the cats name (stupid name) was nice and he wouldn't hurt me.  And she told me the dog, Wraggs (what the hell kind of name is Wraggs???) was very excited to see me.  Yeah, sure, to eat me.  I know dogs.  They are MEAN. 

One day Mom said 'it is time'.  I had no idea what that meant, I don't wear a watch.  I was terrified.  I hid in the box.  OMG, she shut the door on the box and took me into this room she called her office.  I was scared.  Then the orange cat came in and he looked at me.
I wasn't very excited to see him.  I mean, the last time I saw a boy cat he defiled me!  And then I had babies.  So boy kitties were not high on my 'friend' list.  He hissed at me too!  I mean, me, sweet me, I'd never done anything to him and he hissed at me.  hmmm, he seemed OK.  He didn't attack me and Mom was right there to make sure nothing bad happened.  He left, which was good.  I'd had enough of him. 

Then THIS appeared:

That doggie that was with Mom that first day!  She didn't pay much attention to me.  Bummer, I wanted to swat at her.  She seemed to want to talk to Mom, to make sure things were OK.  I will say, doggies are rather needy.  She needed Mom to tell her all was good.  Heck I knew it was.  I was safe and Mom, she was smiling. 

I learned something that day.  I learned I had a dog sister (kind of cool) and a gorgeous orange cat brother.  And no one was going to hurt me.  Ever again.  I was safe!  I was starting to relax and think about about what a good gig I landed. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heart Mom

I had some rough days when I first moved into the bathroom.  The lady put a box in the room with me with some stuff in the bottom.  I didn't know what it was.  I peed in the carrier where I was living.  Yes, I slept on a wet with pee towel.  The lady would take it out and clean it for me though, nice of her.  I finally pooped after a day of good food.  One very, very long poop.  I didn't use that box thingie.  I did my business on the floor.  The lady picked it up and put it in that box thingie then she went outside (outside bad) and got some dirt to put in the box thingie.  OH!!!  That is my potty!!!  Now I understood.  I was a good kitty after that, always used the box thingie to do my business. 

I stopped eating in front of the lady after a couple of days.  I didn't like her watching me.  She kept coming in the bathroom with me and sitting and talking.  I heard her life story (yawn), she told me everything (really boring).  I tried to look interested.  She seemed to really want to touch me but I wouldn't let her.  She thought hand feeding me might be a good idea.  Sure, food lady with bloody fingers, that is a good idea.  Finally she brought this thing in the room, it looked like a little tiny hand.  I am not sure what she was thinking but she put food on it and I ate off of it.  She also did this really strange thing of touching me with this hand thingie.  I have to admit, I liked it.  Yes, I admit it, I was a slut for the hand thingie, food lady called it a back scratcher.  More like a cheek scratcher, neck rubber, all around nice thing.
I was here for about a month when I started feeling sexy.  Yeah, I was feeling sexy.  I wanted sex!  And I wanted it bad!  I have no idea why, mother nature is not so nice to us girls at times.  I wanted a boy kitty.  I needed one.  And the only boy kitty in the house didn't have balls so he was no use to me.  I was in heat.  I was one hot kitty!   My mom finally figured out what was going on when I gave a cute little PRRRRP when she was able to touch me.  She called that mean doctor lady again to get me in to get me fixed.  I was not broken, I did not need to be fixed.  Mom explained that it meant that I would no longer be able to have babies and I wouldn't go into this heat thing.  YEAH!!!  I mean, babies are good and sweet but let's face it, I sucked at being a kitty Mommy.  So, I got fixed.  Not even broken...and fixed. 
When I came home from the mean doctor place I was really high.  It was great, awesome, pretty lights.  I don't know how it happened but I let Mom touch me for the first time with her hand.  I really had no idea that she was nice.  I thought she was always going to hurt me.  I learned something.  Mom, she is a good one.  She is my heart Mom.  You know, the Mom who has a little bit of your heart and isn't giving it back.  Andi is my heart Mom.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have a name!!!

I never had a name before the nice lady found me.  I thought maybe it was 'get out of here damned cat', 'get the hell away from here damned cat'.  Those weren't very nice names and I didn't like them at all.  So this nice lady, she gave me a real name.  Ellie.  Isn't that a pretty name?  She told me there was a reason for my name.  I reminded her of her Mom who had gone to the rainbow bridge a year and a half earlier.  Was her Mom a calico like me???  She told me a bit about her and why I am Ellie.  My Mom's Mom had this thing called Alzheimer's and it made her say things that were naughty.  She called Mom some naughty names, she didn't mean it but that horrible disease (I think it is like fleas) said it was OK to call her those things.  And when the nice lady who is Mom found me and put me in the box, I hissed and spit and was cussing her out, just like Mom's mom!  So she named me for her.  Actually that wasn't her real name.  It was sort of her middle name but I was not a Mary like her first name.  I am more of an Ellie.  sometimes I am Eleanor (which was Mom's mom's real at birth middle name).  I really liked that I had a good name, a name with meaning.  And I never have to hear the words 'get out of here damned cat' again. 

The food lady, which is what I called her at the beginning, cause she delivered food to me, is really nice.  I had lots of food.  Gooshy food and this hard crunchy stuff.  I ate it all.  I was so hungry.  It felt good to have a full tummy and be safe and warm. 
The food lady had to give me medicine too.  ICK!   It tasted awful.  But I showed her.  I slapped her in the face with my needle sharp pins.  Ha!  Nailed her on the lip and it bled like crazy, hehe.  I wasn't going to take that medicine again.  Just give me gooshy foods, that is all I wanted.  But she kept at it.   She didn't give up on me.  I don't know why, but she didn't.  I wasn't worth the time, look at me, I looked like crap.  I'm all beat up, I'm skinny, I have a MUSTACHE!  I'm a girl and I have a mustache.  But Mom, she was now my Mom, she saw something in me.  Something about me made her feel good.  I guess Mom needed to feel good about things.  Life had been hard for her for a while.  She didn't have a job, her Dad passed away a few months before we met.  I guess she needed me as much as I needed her. 
Here I am six days after being brought home.  Home.  Isn't it a nice word?  I think so.  The best word ever.  After Mom.  And gooshy foods.  Home.  I like it. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Here I am!!!!

Hi there!  Welcome!  My name is Ellie and I am almost 4 years old.  I am a slightly tubby calico cat who lives in a house with my Mom, Andi, and three heathen cat brothers who shall remain nameless at this time.  I try not to think about them very much, as they are not worthy of my time.  They are after all, heathens.  Blech!

I arrived in this house two and a half years ago when my Mom found me.  I was a street kitty who was ready to die.  Yes, I really was.  I decided that it was time to end my miserable self that morning.  But Mom and her dog walked by me and stopped.  Then they left.  I figured I again wasn't good enough for anyone, she didn't stay to get me.  In less than 15 minutes my Mom came back with a box and a towel and gloves.  I didn't know what was going on but I was not happy, I was ready to die and now THIS.  Mom shoved me into the box, I hissed at her, I was very angry and very scared.  I didn't know what was going on.  It is a very scary thing, the box, the lady, the whole thing, very scary.  She took me back to her house, I had no idea what a house was but that is what it was called, and she put me in the bathroom.  WHAT IS A BATHROOM????  I had no idea but there I was.  The lady who was going to be my Mom went in and got some food and water for me.  FOR ME!!!  Very exciting.  But then she locked the door on the box again and took me to the scary place. 

At the scary place they stuck needles in me and things up my butt.  I am not really sure what they were doing but it was not nice at all.  They brought me back to my Mom and asked her what she was going to do with me.  Mom said the best thing ever:  KEEP HER OF COURSE!!!  I had a home, finally!  Someone to love me and take care of me.  Life was going to be good for me. 

This is a picture of me that first day.  I was pretty rough looking.  I only weighed 4.2 pounds.  I was a fairly recent mommy but didn't have any babies with me.  I think they died cause I just couldn't take care of them.  Anyway, my first picture. 

I came HOME that day, home, what a wonderful word, to a Mom, a cat brother and a dog sister.  And lots of food.  And a safe place.  I wasn't very nice at the beginning.  But things would change.