Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to our regularly scheduled programming - all about Me!

Now back to the story of me.  Because it is all about me.  ME!!!

By June of 2008 I was becoming much more comfortable with Mom and my surroundings.  I still lived in Mom's office, which was pretty good.  I was safe from that horrible Bob and the scary doggy.  I was letting Mom pet me more and more and I was showing off my very pretty self.
Wow, look at me.  All my white parts are white now and my colors have really started to show.  I am one hot little babe.  I know Bob will be my boyfriend now.  I am so happy!  I started working on my sexy poses, just for Bob the cat.

Plus if I do this, Mom will come and give me tummy rubs.  I do love tummy rubs.  I really am being a show off where my body is concerned. 

Mom started leaving my door open so I could see stuff but she had that gate thing closed to keep out the scary doggy and that handsome Bob.  I got to smell and see stuff and really was starting to feel like I 'might' be ready to come out and be part of the family.  Mom started leaving the little door open for me and I would come out at night when everyone was asleep.   But if anyone moved I would run back to the office where I knew I was safe.  I bet someday I will act like I own this house.  For now I will just own Mom and her office. 

Update on the outside kitty Mom found over the weekend.  Her owners were found and they went to the mean doctor's office and picked her up.  Kitty lives behind us and down a few houses.  She is a rescue just like me!  And she had babies!  She now is an inside/outside kitty and 4 of her babies still live with her in that house.   Thankfully I will continue to be the hottest babe in this house.  Sorry Mom, I am the hottest. 

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