Saturday, October 23, 2010

Butt smelling - the newest thing in pickup lines

I started to become braver and braver.  Mom still put the thingie (I hear it is called a leash) on me so I wouldn't run and hide or kill Bob.  I would never hurt Bob.  I don't have a mean bone in my body.  I came out one day and Bob and I sat in the sun and gave Mom some great shots of us. 
You can't see it here, but Bob is looking at me with love in his eyes!  OK, maybe not love but it wasn't disgust and I was pretty sure he wasn't thinking about defiling me.  Whoohoo, a boy who won't hurt me.  Now this is what I am talkin' about. 

What the hell are you doing back there?  That is my bottom and why are you smelling it?  Yes, I let Bob smell my hiney.  What can I say, I wanted to get to know him and this is a good meet and greet. 

It seems that Bob the cat is a good guy.  He'd never been around other cats before so Mom didn't know how he would act, if he would be civilized or not.  I think Bob was raised by good folks.  Mom says it was her Mom and Dad who raised him.  I wish I could meet them and thank them for that but they have gone to the rainbow bridge.  But I am named after my Grandma, that makes me feel extra close to her.  Plus that makes Mom smile.  I like to make Mom smile. 

See, this made Mom smile and laugh. 

Oh my cats, I am fast forwarding to today.  OMC!  Mom got up late and went out on the patio to do something and a little calico came running up to her.  And do you know what Mom did?  She petted her!  And she fed her!  And the worst thing of all, she brought her in the house!  Aren't the 3 heathen brothers enough?  Sheesh!  Mom took her to the mean doctor lady and found out that the calico has a chip.  Yeah Baby!  whoohooo, what does that mean?  Is she bionic?  Mom said the little calico has a Mommy and a Daddy already and they are trying to find them so the little calico is staying at the mean doctor's building.  Mom doesn't know what will happen with her but knowing Mom, she will be coming back here to usurp my caliconess. 

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