Friday, October 29, 2010

Embarrassment begins for me

This being inside gig is awesome!  I can still look outside but I am not outside in the wind, rain and icky stuff.  Just don't know how I could have ever done without Mom. 

Bob and I really started getting closer and closer to each other.  We spent time together.  I liked having him around.  He showed me so many things, like how it is great to sleep on the couch.  Sleep on the bed.  He had a lot of information on Mom to share with me too.

He told me about this penchant Mom has for putting stuff on us and then taking pictures and sharing those pictures with the world.  I guess we just have to put up with this in order to live here.  I can deal with it I guess.  I just hope it isn't too embarrassing.

Well, great, now everyone knows I don't have a Brazilian wax.  Mom!  This is embarrassing!  I mean really, does everyone have to see my girl parts? 

I guess I can put up with the pictures as long as there are some good ones every now and then.

Great, now everyone can see down my throat!  I tell you, I get no respect here.  I get lots of love and food but no respect. 

OK, that is better, I look good in this one.  BTW, Mom says this is one of her favorite pictures of me.  She says it is like I am remembering what it is like out there and am thankful I am in here. 

Now I am ready for some yummy food and love. 

We are almost up to Christmas 2008!!!  I have no idea what will happen with that, I don't know what it is but Bob and Wraggs have warned me that really really bad stuff happens.  We wear HATS!  THIS is not right at all.  Not right......

Wait, Mom left me in charge in real time (today) while she went to get the moving box fixed, I should of put the heathens on ebay.  Seems it needed a new battery.  Mom figured as much but the store thought it might be something different then went back and said 'put in new battery and get the catputer going'.  Mom drove the moving box home!  Whew, and she is smiling cause it works.  I like when Mom smiles. 

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