Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heart Mom

I had some rough days when I first moved into the bathroom.  The lady put a box in the room with me with some stuff in the bottom.  I didn't know what it was.  I peed in the carrier where I was living.  Yes, I slept on a wet with pee towel.  The lady would take it out and clean it for me though, nice of her.  I finally pooped after a day of good food.  One very, very long poop.  I didn't use that box thingie.  I did my business on the floor.  The lady picked it up and put it in that box thingie then she went outside (outside bad) and got some dirt to put in the box thingie.  OH!!!  That is my potty!!!  Now I understood.  I was a good kitty after that, always used the box thingie to do my business. 

I stopped eating in front of the lady after a couple of days.  I didn't like her watching me.  She kept coming in the bathroom with me and sitting and talking.  I heard her life story (yawn), she told me everything (really boring).  I tried to look interested.  She seemed to really want to touch me but I wouldn't let her.  She thought hand feeding me might be a good idea.  Sure, food lady with bloody fingers, that is a good idea.  Finally she brought this thing in the room, it looked like a little tiny hand.  I am not sure what she was thinking but she put food on it and I ate off of it.  She also did this really strange thing of touching me with this hand thingie.  I have to admit, I liked it.  Yes, I admit it, I was a slut for the hand thingie, food lady called it a back scratcher.  More like a cheek scratcher, neck rubber, all around nice thing.
I was here for about a month when I started feeling sexy.  Yeah, I was feeling sexy.  I wanted sex!  And I wanted it bad!  I have no idea why, mother nature is not so nice to us girls at times.  I wanted a boy kitty.  I needed one.  And the only boy kitty in the house didn't have balls so he was no use to me.  I was in heat.  I was one hot kitty!   My mom finally figured out what was going on when I gave a cute little PRRRRP when she was able to touch me.  She called that mean doctor lady again to get me in to get me fixed.  I was not broken, I did not need to be fixed.  Mom explained that it meant that I would no longer be able to have babies and I wouldn't go into this heat thing.  YEAH!!!  I mean, babies are good and sweet but let's face it, I sucked at being a kitty Mommy.  So, I got fixed.  Not even broken...and fixed. 
When I came home from the mean doctor place I was really high.  It was great, awesome, pretty lights.  I don't know how it happened but I let Mom touch me for the first time with her hand.  I really had no idea that she was nice.  I thought she was always going to hurt me.  I learned something.  Mom, she is a good one.  She is my heart Mom.  You know, the Mom who has a little bit of your heart and isn't giving it back.  Andi is my heart Mom.

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