Friday, October 15, 2010

Here I am!!!!

Hi there!  Welcome!  My name is Ellie and I am almost 4 years old.  I am a slightly tubby calico cat who lives in a house with my Mom, Andi, and three heathen cat brothers who shall remain nameless at this time.  I try not to think about them very much, as they are not worthy of my time.  They are after all, heathens.  Blech!

I arrived in this house two and a half years ago when my Mom found me.  I was a street kitty who was ready to die.  Yes, I really was.  I decided that it was time to end my miserable self that morning.  But Mom and her dog walked by me and stopped.  Then they left.  I figured I again wasn't good enough for anyone, she didn't stay to get me.  In less than 15 minutes my Mom came back with a box and a towel and gloves.  I didn't know what was going on but I was not happy, I was ready to die and now THIS.  Mom shoved me into the box, I hissed at her, I was very angry and very scared.  I didn't know what was going on.  It is a very scary thing, the box, the lady, the whole thing, very scary.  She took me back to her house, I had no idea what a house was but that is what it was called, and she put me in the bathroom.  WHAT IS A BATHROOM????  I had no idea but there I was.  The lady who was going to be my Mom went in and got some food and water for me.  FOR ME!!!  Very exciting.  But then she locked the door on the box again and took me to the scary place. 

At the scary place they stuck needles in me and things up my butt.  I am not really sure what they were doing but it was not nice at all.  They brought me back to my Mom and asked her what she was going to do with me.  Mom said the best thing ever:  KEEP HER OF COURSE!!!  I had a home, finally!  Someone to love me and take care of me.  Life was going to be good for me. 

This is a picture of me that first day.  I was pretty rough looking.  I only weighed 4.2 pounds.  I was a fairly recent mommy but didn't have any babies with me.  I think they died cause I just couldn't take care of them.  Anyway, my first picture. 

I came HOME that day, home, what a wonderful word, to a Mom, a cat brother and a dog sister.  And lots of food.  And a safe place.  I wasn't very nice at the beginning.  But things would change.  

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