Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am a natural beauty

And then we moved into my birthday and Halloween and Mom's birthday.  The end of October and the beginning of November are busy here. 

Mom doesn't really know when my birthday is so she just picked a day that seemed right.  The day that my namesake passed away and went to the human bridge, where I am sure she was met by all the doggies and kitties who were waiting there for her.  I heard that she really loved animals.  Has to be true, Mom couldn't have turned out like this if she wasn't raised around folks who loved animals. 

Those are pictures of Mom's Mom with cats.  They are older pictures, from the 1930's & 1940's.  It was way before I was born but I can tell, that lady liked kitties. 

Anyway, we moved into Halloween time and Mom got out the camera and took pictures.  WHY?????
Yes that is a wig and not my natural hair.  You can't tell can you?  I wanted it to look realistic but Mom, she screwed up and got purple.  sheesh!
Bob and I checked out the patio, to see that it was all good out here.  Wait a minute, Bob is checking ME out.  He must be mesmerized by the blocks of fur on my back.  It almost looks like a checkerboard.  I hope no gets any ideas about that.  

And sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going.  Or if I want to go back outside or not.  Mom has told me no, not going out there again.  She also doesn't like that I can catch lizards and bring them in really fast.  But but but, that is FOOD!  The real gooshy stuff! 

On that note, I think I need to get with Mom and give her some love.  She is needy that one.

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