Thursday, October 21, 2010

I come out of my shell

After I moved into Mom's office I started to feel more comfortable.  I was still scared of things but I could look outside and see that outside was not coming inside.  I was safe from all the bad things that are outside.  I really started to relax.

Mom got this gate thing for the door in the office.  I don't know why, I wasn't leaving.  And I really hoped no one was coming in here with me.  Well, Mom could come in, I was really starting to like her. 

And all of a sudden Mom got a job, she was excited (that too would change but not for a little bit).  I loved having Mom home all the time but I think she needed to get out and work.  Shoot, I had to have my kibble and gooshies!  I would protect the office from all the bad things around. 

The weekend before Mom started her new job she decided it was time for me to come out of my box with her in the room.  WHAT???  I can't, I'm shy, I don't want to be looked at.  But Mom insisted and reached in and pulled me out.  I didn't resist much.  Mom had a box all ready for me to sit in so I would be comfy.
Yes, I was a little scared but it was just Mom and me in there.  And my stuffed bunnies.  This was OK.  I felt a bit exposed, no one had ever really looked at me before.  What if I was hideous?  I mean orange, what kind of color is ORANGE?  But Mom, she looked at me and told me what a pretty little girl I was and how she loved me.  I believed her too!

Then something really shocking happened.  Mom picked me up.  And held me in her arms.  Her eyes started leaking again.  She wasn't sad though, she was really happy.  I finally let her get close to me.  It really wasn't that bad either. 

I had to close my eyes. I've never been so loved before.  I thought I might be dreaming.  Or it was a nightmare. 
Yes, this is good, this is very good.  I've made my Mom happy.  I'm pretty sure this was my purpose in life, to make Mom happy. 

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