Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I found love

After being fixed I started to feel lots better.  Those stupid hormones were leaving my body and I was starting to look like the gorgeous cat I was always meant to be.  Mom was still spending lots of time in the bathroom with me.  She would lay on the floor and talk to me and pet me.  One afternoon she was having a really crappy day, I could tell, her eyes were leaking.  She was laying in front of the carrier, eyes leaking.  I didn't know what to do so I touched her hair.   She didn't get upset but the eyes started leaking more and she was SMILING.  I did something good!  I had no idea that she was so soft and nice.  She didn't run from me.  Touching her hair and face was nice. 

From that day on we started to get closer.  I let her touch me more and more and pet me.  I liked it so much I wouldn't let her leave, I would pull her hand close to me to pet me more.  I wanted to be with her.  Mom started having some issues with laying down on the hard floor with me.  She said soon, Ellie, soon, you will be moving out of here and into a better room.  I was excited, a new room!  I was going to see more than a toilet and a bathtub.  I would have room to move around.  Mom said she had to prepare it for me but I would get to move in there very soon. 

I had come so far in 6 weeks.  From being a kitty who was on deaths door to being a pretty little girl with a human who cares for her.  My life would never be the same.  Thank goodness.  Cause it sucked up until February 16, 2008.  That was THE day, the day I met Mom, the day I came home, the day that I finally knew love.

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