Monday, October 18, 2010

I have a dog sister and a cat brother!

The day the lady stuffed me in that box she had been by earlier with a DOG!  I don't like dogs.  They are mean and they chase me.  I really hoped there wasn't a DOG outside the bathroom.   And even worse than dogs are boy cats.  Boy cats want to violate me.  I don't like that.  So imagine my horror when I found out that there were both a dog and a boy cat outside the bathroom, ready to disembowel me!  I was terrified.  But Mom told me that Bob, that was the cats name (stupid name) was nice and he wouldn't hurt me.  And she told me the dog, Wraggs (what the hell kind of name is Wraggs???) was very excited to see me.  Yeah, sure, to eat me.  I know dogs.  They are MEAN. 

One day Mom said 'it is time'.  I had no idea what that meant, I don't wear a watch.  I was terrified.  I hid in the box.  OMG, she shut the door on the box and took me into this room she called her office.  I was scared.  Then the orange cat came in and he looked at me.
I wasn't very excited to see him.  I mean, the last time I saw a boy cat he defiled me!  And then I had babies.  So boy kitties were not high on my 'friend' list.  He hissed at me too!  I mean, me, sweet me, I'd never done anything to him and he hissed at me.  hmmm, he seemed OK.  He didn't attack me and Mom was right there to make sure nothing bad happened.  He left, which was good.  I'd had enough of him. 

Then THIS appeared:

That doggie that was with Mom that first day!  She didn't pay much attention to me.  Bummer, I wanted to swat at her.  She seemed to want to talk to Mom, to make sure things were OK.  I will say, doggies are rather needy.  She needed Mom to tell her all was good.  Heck I knew it was.  I was safe and Mom, she was smiling. 

I learned something that day.  I learned I had a dog sister (kind of cool) and a gorgeous orange cat brother.  And no one was going to hurt me.  Ever again.  I was safe!  I was starting to relax and think about about what a good gig I landed. 

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