Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have a name!!!

I never had a name before the nice lady found me.  I thought maybe it was 'get out of here damned cat', 'get the hell away from here damned cat'.  Those weren't very nice names and I didn't like them at all.  So this nice lady, she gave me a real name.  Ellie.  Isn't that a pretty name?  She told me there was a reason for my name.  I reminded her of her Mom who had gone to the rainbow bridge a year and a half earlier.  Was her Mom a calico like me???  She told me a bit about her and why I am Ellie.  My Mom's Mom had this thing called Alzheimer's and it made her say things that were naughty.  She called Mom some naughty names, she didn't mean it but that horrible disease (I think it is like fleas) said it was OK to call her those things.  And when the nice lady who is Mom found me and put me in the box, I hissed and spit and was cussing her out, just like Mom's mom!  So she named me for her.  Actually that wasn't her real name.  It was sort of her middle name but I was not a Mary like her first name.  I am more of an Ellie.  sometimes I am Eleanor (which was Mom's mom's real at birth middle name).  I really liked that I had a good name, a name with meaning.  And I never have to hear the words 'get out of here damned cat' again. 

The food lady, which is what I called her at the beginning, cause she delivered food to me, is really nice.  I had lots of food.  Gooshy food and this hard crunchy stuff.  I ate it all.  I was so hungry.  It felt good to have a full tummy and be safe and warm. 
The food lady had to give me medicine too.  ICK!   It tasted awful.  But I showed her.  I slapped her in the face with my needle sharp pins.  Ha!  Nailed her on the lip and it bled like crazy, hehe.  I wasn't going to take that medicine again.  Just give me gooshy foods, that is all I wanted.  But she kept at it.   She didn't give up on me.  I don't know why, but she didn't.  I wasn't worth the time, look at me, I looked like crap.  I'm all beat up, I'm skinny, I have a MUSTACHE!  I'm a girl and I have a mustache.  But Mom, she was now my Mom, she saw something in me.  Something about me made her feel good.  I guess Mom needed to feel good about things.  Life had been hard for her for a while.  She didn't have a job, her Dad passed away a few months before we met.  I guess she needed me as much as I needed her. 
Here I am six days after being brought home.  Home.  Isn't it a nice word?  I think so.  The best word ever.  After Mom.  And gooshy foods.  Home.  I like it. 

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