Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm very thankful

And we got closer and closer to that thing called 'Christmas'.  I am ascared of it!  What is it?  Bob and Wraggs tell me stories that make my hair tingle and force me to eat more kibble.

Late 2008 Mom still had a job, such as it was, she was bringing home kibble.  It was also stressing her out.   But we got to have the holidays.  First we had Thanksgiving.  I had my list of things to be thankful for:
  • Mom
  • Bob and Wraggs - they are good friends
  • shelter - try living on the street sometime, it isn't fun
  • kibble - omg, it is the best.  I mean the live food was fine but I wasn't good at hunting.  This is much better
  • Mom - did I mention her already?  She is a good person, you can tell.  She always talks nice to me and lets me snuggle.  I am no longer ascared.  OK, I am ascared when the doorbell rings and anyone comes in but other than that, I am safe.
  • A home. 
  • And love.  Lots of love.
See, there are things to be thankful for.  Now we really needed to get on with the holiday festivities
This....this...this was so not what I had in mind.  I was thinking we would have some turkey, stuffing, pie.  But no, nope, not here.  Mom gets weird and puts stuff on me and and.....I can't even talk it is so awful.  I hope bad things happen to the other two too.

Oh, I see Bob is happy about the holiday stuff too.  Only fair that he gets it.  I wonder what Wraggs will be wearing.

Wait a cotton pickn' minute.....she looks happy!  Doesn't she get it?  Mom is embarrassing us!  Wraggs always was a suck up.

Oh my stars!  Isn't he handsome?  I do miss that orange dude.  He was really nice to me.  We slept together. AS FRIENDS, nothing like that at all.  Bob never tried to have his way with me.  He was always so kind to me. 

OK, so Christmas wasn't that bad.  I could only hope that it happened this year and not again and again and again.   But from what B&W said, I better get used to it.  sigh.  It's the price I pay for love

ho ho freaking ho
Love and kisses and smelly farts (that is from Wraggs of course)

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