Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movin' on Up!

After I had been here for about 6 weeks, the end of March, Mom said it was time for me to move.  WHAT???  I just got a home and you want me to move?  Well, crap!  Oh wait, she didn't mean move out of the house, she just meant move out of the bathroom.  Whew. 

I moved into Mom's office.  I have no idea why she calls it that, she doesn't work in there.  She plays on the computer and pretends to exercise.  And watches cooking shows.  I hide while she was in the room with me but when she leaves and shuts the door I explore and check out the room.  hmmmm, food dish full of crispy stuff, a dish of gooshies, water dish, my box to sleep in, a litter box and hey, this thing, it looks like a cave.  I call it my cat cave.  I don't let mom know that I get in there, I only go in at night, it is so soft and warm in there.  I feel very safe. 

I don't see that orange boy kitty (he is hot) at all.  I can smell him though, I know he is out there, probably waiting to defile me.  Boys!  And the doggie, she wants to come in this room but is scared.  GOOD!  Damned dogs, no use for them at all.  Mom seems to think the orange kitty and doggie are good, maybe they are, maybe they aren't.  I will reserve my judgement till a later date 
Oh this says it all, the doggie is an idiot!  She allows this behavior by Mom!  I will never put up with such indignities.  Never ever.  Ever. 

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