Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleeping on the big bed

By July of that year I was really extra brave!  I ventured into Mom's room at night.  I wasn't sure what was in there and was prepared for anything.  Well, almost.  At first I sat outside the door just looking in.  Then I did the scariest thing ever.  I walked in and looked around.  Imagine my horror when I happened upon the DOG!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, doggies are bad and evil!  I hissed at the mean doggy and ran out of the room.  And the worst part, I heard Mom laughing at me!  At me!  I was brave and tried to go in the room and explore.  Someday soon, I will be back, I promise.
I had no idea but that doggy is a big ass chicken!  She was scared of ME!  WHOOHOOO!!!  Life just got much better for me.  I am now in control of this situation.  I can go anywhere I want to now. 

One night I decided it was time.  I was going to get up on that big bed with Mom.  I mean, Bob was up there, why can't I go up there too?  So, I jumped up.  It was HUGE.  I wandered around and got up to the things at the top, what are they again?  Oh yes, pillows.  Mom's head was there.  I wanted to kiss her.  So I got up on one of the pillow things.  Mom reached up and petted and then had the biggest shock of her life.  (maybe, I don't know about that totally).  She was petting a cat with a tail!  Me!!  See, Bob didn't have a tail, he had it removed as a little guy (must have been some vanity thing for him, he wanted everyone to see his boy parts).  Mom started laughing again but this time she wasn't laughing at me.  She was happy and laughing cause I finally discovered that kitties get to sleep on the bed with Mom. 

Wow, I've been here almost 6 months now.  I've come so far from when I was on the street.  I never want to go outside again and thankfully Mom understands and doesn't say 'out' to me.  I don't think she would.  She seems to have a good heart and loves animals.  Obviously if she keeps this around.

Yeah, me and Wraggs became good friends.  I had no idea that a dog could be good but this one, she has a good heart too.  I think I won the lottery that cold February morning when Wraggs and Mom found me. 

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