Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cats, Cats, Cats (did I mention, Cats?)

Mom made me go out in the front room last night.  I was so  not happy.  I growled.  But I sat there with her.  It made Mom happy.  She is easy that way.  But when were done, I waddled really fast back into the bedroom.  Just in case Robin got any ideas about bothering me.   

Oh and crud.  Mom says that Uncle Tony and Aunt Donna's cat Gypsy is sick.  Gypsy is like me, a former outside kitty who came in the house.  She is very shy like me.  She isn't as voluptuous as I am though.   Donna says that Gypsy is thirsty and hungry all the time and losing weight.  Mom says 'thyroid'.  And of course that means taking tapazole daily like Bob took.  And it means being very consistent about it.  Not sure how that will go in that house.  Shoot, when they got their dog, Tony went and got some flea meds at Walmart.  Mom told him to read up about them before using them and suggested he go to the vet and get meds that will not kill the dog.  He wondered how Mom knew that stuff.  mmmm, she reads?  And pays attention to what is new in pet care?  Yes, Mom knows things.  It is pretty cool, I hear she is the little sister and she can educate her brother and sister on things.  Very cool.

OK, back to my life.  I have heathens.  I cannot get rid of them!  I wish someone would help me out. 
OK, so Robin actually put up with the stupid hat.  Mom thinks he is a good kitty.  yeah, right.  hate him. 

Yes Louie, I am looking down on you.  Yeah, hate him too.
sigh.   I love him. 

OMC, last night someone pounded on our door at 7:30pm.  Mom was already in her jammies.  She had to throw something on fast to answer the door.  It was the UPS guy delivering a package for Mom!!!  A friend sent her a present, isn't that nice?  But Mom didn't shove the heathens I hate in the box and ship them anywhere so I am still stuck with them.   

Tomorrow, Mom says, tomorrow we are going to attempt some holiday photos.  I'll be under the bed. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Heathens, want to buy them?

I didn't write anything yesterday....did you miss me?  I was saving things up.  Actually the heathens didn't do anything exciting to write about, I know, shocking.  But they didn't. 

Ah, but today, yup, they have. 

Our Christmas tree is still up, even though they have tried to take it down.
Yes, all 3 of the heathens are bothering the tree, even Robin!  Mom has had to put ornaments back on the tree lots of times.  And she doesn't get mad!  Mom is a good person.  Not getting mad at heathens.  That has gotta be tough.  I'd be yelling at them constantly. 

Sure, Louie, you are innocent, just looking at the tree.  Uh huh, we all know what you are and what you will do. 
Oh, don't you drag my sweet Hermie into this, he wouldn't do anything naughty.  He is a good boy. 

Nooooooooooooo, Hermie, don't do it!  Santa won't bring you presents!  And you want presents!  Really, lots of presents.  Squishy balls especially.

Oh, ladies, don't get too excited, he is spoken for.  That little thumbed kitty is mine, all mine! 

You can have this one, free.  I'll even pay for shipping costs, air holes are optional.

I'll throw this one in too, no extra cost!  I might give him air holes. 

But this one is mine. 

Have you noticed?  No pictures of me.  Mom, you need to get with it, I need a picture or two on here too you know, after all, it is my blog. 

OK, back under the bed with me, I need a nap.  All this excitement, I've broken a sweat.  That is way too close to exercise you know.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Balls on feet

Cats, there was a whole lot of yelling yesterday afternoon by Mom.  And it wasn't at one of us furkids!  Nope.  Mom was watching this strange thing called 'football'.  I'm pretty sure that is not where balls are Mom.  But if that is what you want to watch......  Mom said Nebraska was playing Colorado and it was a good game.  She was very excited that Nebraska won.  I guess my Grandpa, Mom's Daddy, really loved Nebraska football.  He was always so excited when they won and really sad when they lost.  And no one better disturb him while he was watching the game. 
This is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa (Helen & Herman) from 1971 or so.  Nebraska was really a powerhouse at that time and Grandpa, oh Grandpa loved it!  Now Mom and my Aunt Adele are watching and seem to like it.  I don't get it, I just don't.  I'll put up with it but just don't get it. 

Now here is a surprise, the Christmas tree is still standing.  Hermie was getting read to jump down on it from the cat tree this morning till Mom told him no.  Louie is under it all the time too.  And a few of those plastic ornaments have been taken down and chased.  Seems to be OK though, Mom doesn't yell at them.  Mom doesn't yell very much at all. 

Mom showed me what is in the closet for Christmas (I peeked).  I see the new cat house.  And she got 2 dog beds that are really cat beds! 

Yeah, that is really a cat bed, so ignore that stupid doggy.  But Mom said we can't have them till Christmas.  dang nab it!!!  I wanted it now!  Oh wait, I probably won't use it since I have my own cat bed.  It is called 'snuggle up next to Mom all night'.  I have the best of it in this house. 

I heard a rumor that Mom is going to attempt holiday pictures this coming week.  I am not pleased and will be hiding under the bed.  I hope the heathens know what is about to occur for them.  If they were smart, and they aren't of course, they would be hiding too. 

Now I really must nap.  Mom has to clean the house and I must nap.  We each have our jobs and I do mine the best!

Friday, November 26, 2010

I give it 24 hours

Well, thank goodness that holiday crap is over with.  What?  It isn't?   noooooooooooooo, does that mean that I will have to be pleasant and nice to the heathens?  You know, that will never happen. 

Mom made turkey and all this other stuff yesterday.  I got some turkey, it was yummy!  I didn't eat too much, I am watching my figure. 

And when Mom showed Hermie the turkey......OMC!!!  Too freaking funny!!!  He got scared and wanted away from that turkey now!  He gave Mom a couple of little scratches on her tummy but I checked and she is fine.  And you know what?  Hermie enjoyed eating some of that turkey later.  He gobbled it up.  And Robin adores turkey, Mom put some on his plate for overnight snacking and it was gone this morning.  No no no, I did not bother it. 

Today is the annual 'put up the little tree in the front room so that it can be knocked over' day. I don't know why Mom does it.  She said something about 'enjoying the holidays' and 'gifts for kitties'.  I am all for that!
They started up right away, with 'helping'. 

Guys, Mom doesn't even have ornaments on there and you are already thinking about it? 

Mom is nuts.  She put garland on the chandelier and totally expects the heathens to leave it alone.  Like that will happen. 

SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's HERMIE!!!! My sweetie!!!  He looks so handsome as he contemplates taking the tree down. 

Oh, so now it is known, the 3rd heathen is just as bad as the other two.  Heathens, can't live with them and Mom won't let me kill them.

Cripes, that is Louie!  You KNOW he will be the one to cause the most trouble. 

Well, Mom got the little tree up and it has been up for almost 3 hours now and hasn't come down.  Maybe this year they heathens will be better about it.  Yeah, I know better than that. 

And of course once the tree goes up, you know what happens next.  Mom has to take holiday pictures!  With us cats in the pictures.  I hate that, totally hate it.  I will put up with maybe one or two pictures but I don't want any heathen like things in the photos, just me and Mom.  The chicks. 

You will note that I did not participate in this decorating of the funny little tree thing.  I am not into the holidays very much.  I do it for Mom.  But I will go back under the bed as soon as it is done.

Bah hum bug!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Mom told us kitties that we needed to say what we were thankful for and that we had to post it.  I'm sorry but the heathens are going to be writing today.  Be prepared. 

Hi, Robin here.  I've got lots of stuff to be thankful for. 
  • The old ladies who took care of me before I found Mom.  They gave me food and made sure I had someplace to go when it rained and was night.
  • A warm home.  I used to have another home but then it was gone.  Now I have a home with Mom and the other kids. 
  • Mom.  What can I say, she is the best.  She gives me gooshy foods.  She talks to me.  She pets me.  She is a good Mom
  • Gooshy foods!   And turkey!  Wait, I don't know what turkey is but Mom thinks I am going to like it.  I bet I will. 
  • I'm thankful that Mom finally learned I was a boy.  It was HARD being called 'good girl' when I knew I was a boy!
  • Catnip.  I don't think that needs embellishment at all. 

Hey baby, what you doin'?  Louis here.  You can call me Louie.  Lots of things to be thankful for dude.  Let me list them.
  • My handsomeness.  Yes, I am very handsome.  Everyone loves me. 
  • My gorgeous tummy.  I show it to everyone, hoping for belly rubs.
  • Ellie.  I like to hump her.  OK, bite her and make her scream.  It is exciting
  • My smooth way with the ladies.  Oh yes, I have it.  They want it.  They just don't know they want it. 
  • DA BIRD!  I like to chase it and catch it and try to hide it.  
  • TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!  I love treats.  
  • Mom.  I have to say that.  She opens the cans of food.

Hi hi hi hi hi!  Hermie here!  I have oodles of things to be thankful for, not sure I can get them all down but I will try.
  • Thumbs.  I like them, they make me unique and they make Mom giggle when she sees me walking.  I also am learning how to use them for my evil ways (don't tell please)
  • My brothers.  Even Robin, who isn't really my brother but he is cause he is a kitty and he is here and Mom loves him. 
  • Ellie.  I just like her.  I don't bother her as much as Louie. 
  • Balls!  No, not mine.  Those are gone.  I am thankful for the squishy balls that I bring to Mom so she can throw them.  I like the green ones best. 
  • Feather toy!  I love jumping for that bird.  I catch him too. 
  • Muscles.  I have them.  Mom says I am a different kind of cat.  I think in a good way. 
  • TREATS!!!  I love them.  Yummy!
  • Mom.  Yes I have thumbs but she really is the one who can open those cans.  Plus she goes to the store and buys us the best gooshy foods.  sigh, I think I love her.

Well, here I am, the star of the show.  Ellie.  I guess it is my turn now that the doofii are done.  I'll try to list a few of the things that I am thankful for.
  • Mom.  She is on the top of my list.  I get to sleep in her bed every night and she cuddles me. 
  • FOOD!  yes, I love food.  I admit it. 
  • The heathens.  Yes, secretly I am thankful for them.  They keep it exciting around here and well, Mom likes them and I would do almost anything for Mom.
  • FOOD!  well, I am really thankful for it.
  • Safety.  Lots of kitties have no idea what it is like to live outside, scared, hungry and unloved.  I do.  So I am thankful that I have a safe home. 
  • FOOD!  hehe
  • Naps.  I am an Olympic gold medalist in napping.
  • FOOD! 
And now Mom has a few words to say.

Thank you for reading Ellie's blog.  She is quite wordy and opinionated.  Kind of like me.  I have things to be thankful for too. 
  • Loved ones.  Be they 4 legged or 2 legged.  I am thankful that I have people (and kitties) who love me and who I love in return.
  • Family.  We are spread out over the North American continent but we are still close. 
  • Friends.  Virtual and in real life friends.  It doesn't matter which, because both are very special to me.
  • My home.  Well, the bank owns half of it but still, I have a very nice home.  In a very nice neighborhood with neighbors I can count on.  And who can count on me. 
  • Life.  Yes, it can get kind of hairy at times, but I like life.  Yes stuff happens in life (you lose a job, someone leaves your life (but then rejoins your life), things go wrong, things go right).  I'm thankful that I have learned to roll with the punches and stay happy.
  • That I was able to spend quality time with Wraggs this last year, before she passed away.  I'm thankful I was able to help her cross, with special thanks to our Vet, Dr. Morgan, who was kind in our hour of need.
  • EVERYTHING!  Yes, I am thankful for everything.  Even bad stuff, cause you know, that makes the good stuff even better.
I'm back.  Damn, Mom sure writes a lot.  And WHY did she put a picture of her with Hermie on there!  I mean I am the bestest girl ever.  I just don't like to have my picture taken.  It adds 15 pounds you know. 

Tomorrow it will be all about me again.  I hate turning this blog over to the heathens.  And I am waiting for the turkey!!!  No, not Louie, he is a doofus.  Turkey, roasted yummy turkey!!! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Freakin' hats......

Mom is making cheesecake!!!  I don't know what it is but it sounds yummy.  She said she made a shortbread crust rather than the run of the mill graham cracker crumbs.  Just for something different.  Ordinary is good for everyone else but in this house, we like different.  That would explain why Mom likes the heathens.  Yup.  It explains a whole lot don't ya think? 

Mom started taking pictures of me last night.  I was upset and insulted.  Really insulted and embarrassed.  I hate her.  No, I really love her and that is why I put up with this, this....embarrassment
Sigh.  I feel so upset.  She is hiding my pretty little flame that I have on my head.  Help me, won't someone please help me?
Yeah, like Louie will help me.  He only wants to jump me and hump me and bite me and make me mad.  Isn't that just like a boy? 

I'll close my eyes and this nightmare will be over. 

Please, won't someone rescue me?  I'll let you have a heathen in return. 

No, you may not have him, that is my sweet Hermie, he stays. 

Yes, take that one!  I'm willing to part with this one. 

So that debacle is over for this year.  I am sure there won't be any more awful attire put on me.  No, I really am.  But I am sure the other kids will be wearing stuff.

oh I'm sorry Robin, you must suffer the indignities in this house too.

sigh, isn't he handsome?  he is sooooo cute and the whiskers!  You know what they say about the length of a kitty's whiskers.  sigh................

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day.  Mom says we need to come up with what we are thankful for and let her know.  I can hardly wait to see what the three heathens are thankful for. 

I need to work on my list now.  Oh and you know, take a nap!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plaid shorts on heathens

The tension is building here for Turkey day!  I hear we are going to have heathens for dinner.  Oh wait, they are guests?  Damn!  I was hoping for some fried heathen.  But I will take some roast turkey please.  

Mom told me a story yesterday.  I got bored but I did take notes.

A light burned out in the kitchen, one of the recessed lights so Mom went up to Lowe's to get a replacement.  She got the bulb and went to the check out line, the one where you scan the product yourself and then put your money and go home to wonderful cats.  So there is Mom, putting cash into the machine, just minding her own business.  And some idiot came up to Mom and said 'it says pay with card now'.  I guess Mom just looked at the guy and nicely said 'I know but I am paying cash'.  Seems the guy didn't think Mom was going fast enough for his really cool and awesome plaid shorts.  I also think the guy skulked away after Mom gave him 'the look'.  The look of  'do not f*** with me'.  Mom finished paying and walked out of the store, got in the moving box thing and saw the bozo I mean totally hot dude with a huge penis ensconced in plaid shorts, walk out of the store.  Mom snerked.  And she came home to the most awesome cats ever.  Well, a princess cat and 3 heathens.   

I'm trying to not be scared of Robin so much.  It is hard though.  He will come into the family room while I am on the couch napping (with one eye open) and sit and stare at Mom.  Sometimes he will put his paws on her.  I think he is trying to figure out if Mom is good or not.  I need to tell him, Mom is the best, but I am still pretty peeved that another heathen is in the house so I will just ignore him.  heathen. 

Mom took some pictures of heathens.  She said I have to share.  Since everyone got to look at me with my twin butterball yesterday. 

Louie thinks he is hot.  No no no, not hot, do not want.  He probably wears plaid shorts.

OMG!!!!  This is what bites me? 

show off

sigh, isn't he handsome?  The things he can do with those thumbs....indescribable. 

And look!  He can do all sorts of positions!  I love me some Hermie.....
Snerk!  Louie you look great in that.  Do you have the shorts to go with the hat?

Oh Louie, I actually feel sort of bad for you.  Sort of. 

Oh, a heathen gang.  Looks like Hermie is ready to rumble for Louie's indignities. 

I think Mom needs to try putting a hat on Robin and see how that goes. As long as she does it to the boys, it means I am safe, I hope.  I really hope.  Oh crap, I am sure there will be some sort of hat on me this year.  Mom thinks it is funny and I like to indulge her.  She is the only Mom I have and I kind of like her.  Even though she brought home heathens, I still like her.  I wonder if there is a cream for heathens.  I'll have to google that later....after my nap. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

From One Butterball to Another

Mom is going to get the heathens a Christmas gift today.  It is on sale and she thinks they will like it.  It is a dog house.  I know, isn't that funny?  But Mom seems to feel that they will all enjoy it.  Of course I know it is way beneath me to be interested in such crap.
OK, they might like it and it is cute.  I'm glad the dog isn't included.  Even though I know Mom wants another dog, I think we 4 cats are enough.  Shoot, I'm enough!

I cannot believe that Mom lost almost 4 pounds last week by exercising and eating right.  She says she needs to lose at least 18 more pounds.  That is more than what I weigh.  WHAT is she thinking?  I don't exercise and I eat what I want and look at me!  I have a great shape!  But Mom says things like 'clothes don't fit' and 'blood pressure' and 'live a long time'.  So she did good last week.  And she was out walking at 6:30 this morning.  Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy.  I like her to be healthy and happy so I will support her with this.  I know she isn't fat, but she wants to look good and feel good so I'll not make her eat bad food. 

This week will be tough though.  I hear that we are going to have turkey and dressing and cheesecake on Thanksgiving.  I think I would like to try each of those things.  Mom probably won't let me have dressing since it has onions in it and those are bad for kitties and doggies, something about causing anemia.  That sounds scary so I don't want any of that.  But I will take some turkey.  yummmmy turkey. 

Mom is making turkey stock today.  I don't know what that is but I will say, it will smell good in the house real soon.  It might even bring me out from under the bed to see what's up. 

This morning Mom embarrassed me royally. 

I'm not sure what she is implying.  Am I a turkey?  A butterball?  Mom, what are you saying?  I think I am insulted except I am pretty sure that turkey will be tasty when it is all cooked. 

Hmm, he is a little cold but I like him better than the heathens. 

And you know what happens once you eat turkey.  You get all sleepy and you nap!  Yes!  I am thinking napping should be an Olympic sport or something.  I'd get a gold medal for sure, maybe even platinum! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poor Robin, he has heathens too!

Mom is worried about me.  I haven't pooped.  Well of course not, you took my litter box away!  Yeah, she is finally cleaning them all out today!  I was getting rather pungent in the house.  Mom is giving me some hairball medicine to keep my poops moving.  I think I pooped a little, Mom heard me.  I just get a little, mmmm, stopped up on occasion.  I hear everyone does.  I'm sure Mom will be relieved just as much as I will be when the time comes. 

Yesterday Mom went to a holiday open house at her friend Gary's house.  Gary and Rich already had it decorated for Christmas.  Mom kept thinking 'that tree in my house would be on the floor immediately'.  Yes, she knows the heathens would tear it apart and have a grand time.  Anyway, Mom had a good time and finally Mom came home to us, where she belongs!

So, a few days ago Robin was minding his own business and was resting on the couch.  Hermie was there with him and Mom saw and got the camera.  Here are a few pictures.  Laughing is required.
hmmmm, I wonder where Robin is...

shhhh, don't tell that tabby heathen where I am. 

He is right there isn't he.  I can feel it.  But I'm not moving just in case.

Hey, Robin is under there!  I must do something.  I am not sure what. 

Yes, stepping on Robin is what I wanted to do.  Seems right.
Hey Robin, how ya doin' in there? 

Wanna smack him, wanna smack him, wanna smack him

Oh, I better behave, Santa will be here soon and I need to be a good little heathen if I want presents.
Oh, I see lizards outside, I am going to try and get one, Later Robin!

What just happened?  Can't a guy get any beauty sleep around here without trouble coming to the door?

Hi Robin, I'm back, wanna play?  huh?  do ya?  huh????

I really have no patience for that heathen.  I may have to chase him later.  Much later.

Well, thaT was a fun little interlude wasn't it?  I know I had a good time. 

So Mom finally got the litter boxes all clean, the floors vacuumed and mopped and then she refilled our boxes.  4 boxes and they were used almost immediately.  Mom was still filling one when Robin decided he need to pee NOW.  Thank goodness Mom was there to hold his back end in the box.  And me?  Yes, I used the clean litter box immediately.  I feel MUCH better now.  Whew. 

Mom has a note for her friends who have had one of their furry kids go to the rainbow bridge.  She found this note on a site she likes to read on Caturday (everyday is Caturday you know).  Anyway, the words may bring you some comfort.

Just remember what you already know.
When we welcome one of these fascinating creatures (or, indeed, any pet that isn't an elephant or a desert tortoise) into our lives, we make a pact with the universe. One we know will end someday. The value obtained is love, laughter , companionship, and endless wonder at the irrepressible energy of life.  The price, to be paid someday, is the pain of saying goodbye.

But that's really the essence of existence, isn't it? The universe balances all things, and the only real choice is that between a life of joy and suffering, and a fear driven, cloistered existence of...well, nothing.
So ask yourself - had you not chosen to befriend this beautiful little creature, what would his/her life have been? Would there have even been one?  What would your life have been without them?
So, grieve, as grieve
you must. But never regret. You won. Life won. Love won.
It's all good.

Mom, you made me emotional again!  You know what that means.  NAP TIME!!!