Saturday, November 27, 2010

Balls on feet

Cats, there was a whole lot of yelling yesterday afternoon by Mom.  And it wasn't at one of us furkids!  Nope.  Mom was watching this strange thing called 'football'.  I'm pretty sure that is not where balls are Mom.  But if that is what you want to watch......  Mom said Nebraska was playing Colorado and it was a good game.  She was very excited that Nebraska won.  I guess my Grandpa, Mom's Daddy, really loved Nebraska football.  He was always so excited when they won and really sad when they lost.  And no one better disturb him while he was watching the game. 
This is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa (Helen & Herman) from 1971 or so.  Nebraska was really a powerhouse at that time and Grandpa, oh Grandpa loved it!  Now Mom and my Aunt Adele are watching and seem to like it.  I don't get it, I just don't.  I'll put up with it but just don't get it. 

Now here is a surprise, the Christmas tree is still standing.  Hermie was getting read to jump down on it from the cat tree this morning till Mom told him no.  Louie is under it all the time too.  And a few of those plastic ornaments have been taken down and chased.  Seems to be OK though, Mom doesn't yell at them.  Mom doesn't yell very much at all. 

Mom showed me what is in the closet for Christmas (I peeked).  I see the new cat house.  And she got 2 dog beds that are really cat beds! 

Yeah, that is really a cat bed, so ignore that stupid doggy.  But Mom said we can't have them till Christmas.  dang nab it!!!  I wanted it now!  Oh wait, I probably won't use it since I have my own cat bed.  It is called 'snuggle up next to Mom all night'.  I have the best of it in this house. 

I heard a rumor that Mom is going to attempt holiday pictures this coming week.  I am not pleased and will be hiding under the bed.  I hope the heathens know what is about to occur for them.  If they were smart, and they aren't of course, they would be hiding too. 

Now I really must nap.  Mom has to clean the house and I must nap.  We each have our jobs and I do mine the best!

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