Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cats, Cats, Cats (did I mention, Cats?)

Mom made me go out in the front room last night.  I was so  not happy.  I growled.  But I sat there with her.  It made Mom happy.  She is easy that way.  But when were done, I waddled really fast back into the bedroom.  Just in case Robin got any ideas about bothering me.   

Oh and crud.  Mom says that Uncle Tony and Aunt Donna's cat Gypsy is sick.  Gypsy is like me, a former outside kitty who came in the house.  She is very shy like me.  She isn't as voluptuous as I am though.   Donna says that Gypsy is thirsty and hungry all the time and losing weight.  Mom says 'thyroid'.  And of course that means taking tapazole daily like Bob took.  And it means being very consistent about it.  Not sure how that will go in that house.  Shoot, when they got their dog, Tony went and got some flea meds at Walmart.  Mom told him to read up about them before using them and suggested he go to the vet and get meds that will not kill the dog.  He wondered how Mom knew that stuff.  mmmm, she reads?  And pays attention to what is new in pet care?  Yes, Mom knows things.  It is pretty cool, I hear she is the little sister and she can educate her brother and sister on things.  Very cool.

OK, back to my life.  I have heathens.  I cannot get rid of them!  I wish someone would help me out. 
OK, so Robin actually put up with the stupid hat.  Mom thinks he is a good kitty.  yeah, right.  hate him. 

Yes Louie, I am looking down on you.  Yeah, hate him too.
sigh.   I love him. 

OMC, last night someone pounded on our door at 7:30pm.  Mom was already in her jammies.  She had to throw something on fast to answer the door.  It was the UPS guy delivering a package for Mom!!!  A friend sent her a present, isn't that nice?  But Mom didn't shove the heathens I hate in the box and ship them anywhere so I am still stuck with them.   

Tomorrow, Mom says, tomorrow we are going to attempt some holiday photos.  I'll be under the bed. 

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