Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fly Away Heathens!

The heathens are flying now.  But not far enough away for my comfort and pleasure.  No, they aren't on an airplane or a kite, although I told them more than once to go fly a kite.  nooooooo, Mom got them a toy for their birthday, something called DA BIRD. 
I don't get why they want to do that.  It is soooo much better to just lay around and have Mom wait on you hand and foot.  It is what I do.  They really can fly though can't they.

I told you, summer was going to be bad.  Wraggs got sick.  She was throwing up a lot and Mom knew something was wrong.  She put Wraggs in the moving box and they went to see the mean doctor lady.  Mean doctor lady went on vacation but her replacement, other mean doctor lady, was there and took blood to find out what was going on with Wraggs.  They called Mom later that day and gave her the bad news.  Renal failure.  Mom was upset.  I didn't know what that meant but I was sure it wasn't good.  Wraggs got special food for doggies that are sick.  She hated it.  She refused to eat it.   She refused to eat cat food.  She was really sick.

She looks pretty good doesn't she.  But we all knew, her insides were not happy.  Dammit, why do my friends get sick?  It isn't fair.  I don't even want the heathens to get sick and I detest them. 

I think the worst for me was, Mom.  She was upset.  I never ever want to see Mom upset.  So......

One night Mom got up to see where I was.  She didn't put on her glasses (Mom is really myopic) so she couldn't find me.  I was hiding in plain sight!

Yes, this is my, up in the cat tree.  High up in the cat tree!  Mom didn't know I could do it, she thought I was too pudgy.  harrumph.  Pudgy my fat ass, I mean, oh never mind, you know what I mean.  I can get up here, of course I can.   I can do anything the heathens can do.  Except fly after DA BIRD.  And clean my nether regions.  I'm rubenesque. 

Mom took care of that hunky orange kitty Tiger for his Mom and Dad when they went on a vacation.  She didn't bring him home for me to fawn over.  I guess she didn't want to make the heathens feel less worthy than they already are.  Mom went over to his house every day, visited Tiger and she swam.  SWAM.  In water!  I'm pretty sure that is illegal. 

While Mom was out of the house the heathens, well, were heathenistic. 

Did you know that curtain rods cannot hold the weight of one heathen?  Mom learned.  Sort of. 

Seems the heathens have a new friend outside that they really, really, REALLY want to play with.  Mom said no.  Mom is mean sometimes.  I wouldn't mind playing with that green fellow.  The heathens aren't that interested in the other lizards but the green ones are better.  Yeah, there are two of them.  They are really pretty.  Even Mom likes them, just not in the house. 

This is Wraggs and Hermie together.  You can see she isn't feeling wonderful cause she let a heathen close to her.  Actually Wraggs thought the heathens were pretty darned good. 

This could be the reason that curtain rod was broked.  Sheesh, boys, do you have to break everything in this house?  Can't we have anything nice? 

Wraggs had some good days so Mom took her outside to get some pretty pictures of her. 

Oh, that is me, aren't I gorgeous?  I just had to stick a picture of me in here so you didn't forget who I am and just how pretty I can be. 

Mom and Wraggs.  Mom Wants to make sure Wraggs knows she is loved.  I don't think there has ever been any doubt about Mom loving Wraggs and the rest of us.  Mom has lots of love to share. 

Summer moves on here.  Someone joins us and someone leaves us.  Be prepared.

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  1. hee hee i remember when my Velcro would fly like that! she still gives it a good try but can't quite gain the altitude LOL