Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Freakin' hats......

Mom is making cheesecake!!!  I don't know what it is but it sounds yummy.  She said she made a shortbread crust rather than the run of the mill graham cracker crumbs.  Just for something different.  Ordinary is good for everyone else but in this house, we like different.  That would explain why Mom likes the heathens.  Yup.  It explains a whole lot don't ya think? 

Mom started taking pictures of me last night.  I was upset and insulted.  Really insulted and embarrassed.  I hate her.  No, I really love her and that is why I put up with this, this....embarrassment
Sigh.  I feel so upset.  She is hiding my pretty little flame that I have on my head.  Help me, won't someone please help me?
Yeah, like Louie will help me.  He only wants to jump me and hump me and bite me and make me mad.  Isn't that just like a boy? 

I'll close my eyes and this nightmare will be over. 

Please, won't someone rescue me?  I'll let you have a heathen in return. 

No, you may not have him, that is my sweet Hermie, he stays. 

Yes, take that one!  I'm willing to part with this one. 

So that debacle is over for this year.  I am sure there won't be any more awful attire put on me.  No, I really am.  But I am sure the other kids will be wearing stuff.

oh I'm sorry Robin, you must suffer the indignities in this house too.

sigh, isn't he handsome?  he is sooooo cute and the whiskers!  You know what they say about the length of a kitty's whiskers.  sigh................

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day.  Mom says we need to come up with what we are thankful for and let her know.  I can hardly wait to see what the three heathens are thankful for. 

I need to work on my list now.  Oh and you know, take a nap!

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