Monday, November 22, 2010

From One Butterball to Another

Mom is going to get the heathens a Christmas gift today.  It is on sale and she thinks they will like it.  It is a dog house.  I know, isn't that funny?  But Mom seems to feel that they will all enjoy it.  Of course I know it is way beneath me to be interested in such crap.
OK, they might like it and it is cute.  I'm glad the dog isn't included.  Even though I know Mom wants another dog, I think we 4 cats are enough.  Shoot, I'm enough!

I cannot believe that Mom lost almost 4 pounds last week by exercising and eating right.  She says she needs to lose at least 18 more pounds.  That is more than what I weigh.  WHAT is she thinking?  I don't exercise and I eat what I want and look at me!  I have a great shape!  But Mom says things like 'clothes don't fit' and 'blood pressure' and 'live a long time'.  So she did good last week.  And she was out walking at 6:30 this morning.  Crazy, I tell ya, just crazy.  I like her to be healthy and happy so I will support her with this.  I know she isn't fat, but she wants to look good and feel good so I'll not make her eat bad food. 

This week will be tough though.  I hear that we are going to have turkey and dressing and cheesecake on Thanksgiving.  I think I would like to try each of those things.  Mom probably won't let me have dressing since it has onions in it and those are bad for kitties and doggies, something about causing anemia.  That sounds scary so I don't want any of that.  But I will take some turkey.  yummmmy turkey. 

Mom is making turkey stock today.  I don't know what that is but I will say, it will smell good in the house real soon.  It might even bring me out from under the bed to see what's up. 

This morning Mom embarrassed me royally. 

I'm not sure what she is implying.  Am I a turkey?  A butterball?  Mom, what are you saying?  I think I am insulted except I am pretty sure that turkey will be tasty when it is all cooked. 

Hmm, he is a little cold but I like him better than the heathens. 

And you know what happens once you eat turkey.  You get all sleepy and you nap!  Yes!  I am thinking napping should be an Olympic sport or something.  I'd get a gold medal for sure, maybe even platinum! 

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