Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Oooooo, the weather turned cooler!  I love this weather, I get to snuggle with Mom.  Plus I have this great extra layer of fluff to keep me warm.  And you know, colder weather means something.  Mom gets all nesty like.  She wants to make food, cookies, you know, nest.  We are having Thanksgiving.  Mom got out all the stuff to make turkey.
Oh AWESOME, roasted Heathens!  My favorite thing! 

Quick Mom, shut the oven door, quick turn it on high!  Roasted heathens, doesn't that sound wonderful?  But you know what?  Mom didn't do that.  I just don't know why not.  I think it would have been great.  But noooooooooooooooo they didn't get roasted. 

We had a great dinner, just Mom, Wraggs, me and the doofus brothers.  And you know what happens after Thanksgiving.  Yup.  Tormenting the pets.  Mom does it every year

Ah, now there is the prettiest kitty ever!  ME!  And no, that is not my fur around my neck, that is the coat I am wearing.  I think I look great! 

ah, good, Heathens had to wear this too.  Doesn't Louie look happy?  Maybe they will run away from here to keep from being embarrassed.

That is just indecent Hermie!  No one wants to see your boy parts!  yew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We put up a little Christmas tree cause Mom wasn't going to put her priceless ornaments on a big tree only to watch it be knocked down by heathens.  You know they would.  It is just a given.  So we got a little white tree, always wanted one and it is just kind of kitchy. 

The ornaments are plastic cause we knew, we knew something would happen.

Yes they knocked it down, not once but twice within a few minutes.  This is NOT the first time they've broken something. 

Louie broke this vase.  It USED to have a cup on top.  It didn't survive the fall from the plant shelf 10 feet up.  The vase has been in Mom's family since 1968.  Her parents brought it back from the family vacation in Mexico.   It stayed in their basement on the top shelf of a bookcase for 30 years.  It couldn't survive a year of Heathens.  It still is in the house cause Mom says it is still special.  Plus it is Louie's first 'kill'. 

They better not hope for much from the fat elf!  This is what they did right before Christmas. They better be good from now on.  hahahahaha, yeah, right. 

I do hope Wraggs gets stuff.  She has been good all year.  She takes Mom for walks 2 times a day, good thing too, Mom might get fat. 

I think I know where the Heathen's balls are now......hehe

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