Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Mom told us kitties that we needed to say what we were thankful for and that we had to post it.  I'm sorry but the heathens are going to be writing today.  Be prepared. 

Hi, Robin here.  I've got lots of stuff to be thankful for. 
  • The old ladies who took care of me before I found Mom.  They gave me food and made sure I had someplace to go when it rained and was night.
  • A warm home.  I used to have another home but then it was gone.  Now I have a home with Mom and the other kids. 
  • Mom.  What can I say, she is the best.  She gives me gooshy foods.  She talks to me.  She pets me.  She is a good Mom
  • Gooshy foods!   And turkey!  Wait, I don't know what turkey is but Mom thinks I am going to like it.  I bet I will. 
  • I'm thankful that Mom finally learned I was a boy.  It was HARD being called 'good girl' when I knew I was a boy!
  • Catnip.  I don't think that needs embellishment at all. 

Hey baby, what you doin'?  Louis here.  You can call me Louie.  Lots of things to be thankful for dude.  Let me list them.
  • My handsomeness.  Yes, I am very handsome.  Everyone loves me. 
  • My gorgeous tummy.  I show it to everyone, hoping for belly rubs.
  • Ellie.  I like to hump her.  OK, bite her and make her scream.  It is exciting
  • My smooth way with the ladies.  Oh yes, I have it.  They want it.  They just don't know they want it. 
  • DA BIRD!  I like to chase it and catch it and try to hide it.  
  • TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!  I love treats.  
  • Mom.  I have to say that.  She opens the cans of food.

Hi hi hi hi hi!  Hermie here!  I have oodles of things to be thankful for, not sure I can get them all down but I will try.
  • Thumbs.  I like them, they make me unique and they make Mom giggle when she sees me walking.  I also am learning how to use them for my evil ways (don't tell please)
  • My brothers.  Even Robin, who isn't really my brother but he is cause he is a kitty and he is here and Mom loves him. 
  • Ellie.  I just like her.  I don't bother her as much as Louie. 
  • Balls!  No, not mine.  Those are gone.  I am thankful for the squishy balls that I bring to Mom so she can throw them.  I like the green ones best. 
  • Feather toy!  I love jumping for that bird.  I catch him too. 
  • Muscles.  I have them.  Mom says I am a different kind of cat.  I think in a good way. 
  • TREATS!!!  I love them.  Yummy!
  • Mom.  Yes I have thumbs but she really is the one who can open those cans.  Plus she goes to the store and buys us the best gooshy foods.  sigh, I think I love her.

Well, here I am, the star of the show.  Ellie.  I guess it is my turn now that the doofii are done.  I'll try to list a few of the things that I am thankful for.
  • Mom.  She is on the top of my list.  I get to sleep in her bed every night and she cuddles me. 
  • FOOD!  yes, I love food.  I admit it. 
  • The heathens.  Yes, secretly I am thankful for them.  They keep it exciting around here and well, Mom likes them and I would do almost anything for Mom.
  • FOOD!  well, I am really thankful for it.
  • Safety.  Lots of kitties have no idea what it is like to live outside, scared, hungry and unloved.  I do.  So I am thankful that I have a safe home. 
  • FOOD!  hehe
  • Naps.  I am an Olympic gold medalist in napping.
  • FOOD! 
And now Mom has a few words to say.

Thank you for reading Ellie's blog.  She is quite wordy and opinionated.  Kind of like me.  I have things to be thankful for too. 
  • Loved ones.  Be they 4 legged or 2 legged.  I am thankful that I have people (and kitties) who love me and who I love in return.
  • Family.  We are spread out over the North American continent but we are still close. 
  • Friends.  Virtual and in real life friends.  It doesn't matter which, because both are very special to me.
  • My home.  Well, the bank owns half of it but still, I have a very nice home.  In a very nice neighborhood with neighbors I can count on.  And who can count on me. 
  • Life.  Yes, it can get kind of hairy at times, but I like life.  Yes stuff happens in life (you lose a job, someone leaves your life (but then rejoins your life), things go wrong, things go right).  I'm thankful that I have learned to roll with the punches and stay happy.
  • That I was able to spend quality time with Wraggs this last year, before she passed away.  I'm thankful I was able to help her cross, with special thanks to our Vet, Dr. Morgan, who was kind in our hour of need.
  • EVERYTHING!  Yes, I am thankful for everything.  Even bad stuff, cause you know, that makes the good stuff even better.
I'm back.  Damn, Mom sure writes a lot.  And WHY did she put a picture of her with Hermie on there!  I mean I am the bestest girl ever.  I just don't like to have my picture taken.  It adds 15 pounds you know. 

Tomorrow it will be all about me again.  I hate turning this blog over to the heathens.  And I am waiting for the turkey!!!  No, not Louie, he is a doofus.  Turkey, roasted yummy turkey!!! 

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