Friday, November 12, 2010

A Heathen Birthday (blech)

OMC, the heathens had a birthday.  I thought they were hatched but Mom says that some other kitty gave birth to them.  I cannot imagine that a precious girl cat birthed those things!  Anyway, they had a birthday, big whoop.  I have one too, do you see me making a big deal about it?  BTW it is October 24th, I prefer treats to toys and prefer Temptations Dairy treats.  Please mark your calendar. 
Doesn't Louie look happy.   I really think it needs to be further down on his face to hide his hideousness. 
Yeah, Hermie has the right idea, kill the hat, kill the stupid hat!

Like I celebrate the anniversary of their birth.  Nope, I wore this for my Aunt Adele's birthday, she is nice, heathens, not so much.
Now this is a doggie that knows how to partaay!!  Have you ever seen such a good dog about this crap?  Never in the history of the universe or my life (I'm sure they are the same thing) has there ever been such a good doggie about having silly pictures taken of her. 

I am not sure but I think the party got a little out of hand at one point or another.

Yeah, Louie looks like he got into the catnip big time.  He is a doofus and a heathen.  See, Hermie is giving him the stink eye again.  He knows his brother a doofus.

I am not sure but at one point the law must have been called in.  Cause there is a mug shot of the two of them.

Then one day an orange kitty showed up at Mom's house.  Mom took Wraggs for a walk and when they came home this orange kitty came out from under the bushes in front of the house.  Mom thought he looked familiar and then the kitty meowed.  Mom knew who he was.  Tiger from across the street.  But Mom had just seen Tiger's Mom and Dad go off to church so she brought him into our house!  This was ok, sort of. 

OMC, he is so handsome!  Mom, can we keep him?  Please?  Get rid of the heathens, keep Tiger!  Nope.  Mom called Tiger's parents and said 'I have something you may want'.  Tiger's dad wasn't so sure but his Mom wanted him back so we had to return him.  Shoot.

Summer is just about here.  I don't know, but I think it going to be another rough one for us.  Mom is home and that is good but stuff is going to happen. 

Mom got an email this morning (November 12, 2010) from Tiger.  He likes to call himself Buster.  He told her that she could share it so here it is:

Dear Auntie Andi,

My Mommy has been meaning to call u and tell u what happened to me. She just gets to busy for her own good.

Well, I will tell you my tale or is it tail...ha!

Three nights ago I escaped out of the house and neither one of those two could find me. Dad told Mom he looked in your yard too. I wish they would of found me cause I wouldn't of had such an exciting night.

I ran into some fellow cousins and they were not the loving kin I expected. We butted heads and the rumble proceeded. I lost! I crawled home and Mom finally opened the door at 6:00 AM and I crawled in through the door opening pretty fast should those kin of mine find me again.

Mom was really upset the way I looked and I heard her say I had a limp in my giddy-up.

Mom picked me up, gee, I hate that, and she got a close look at my face and ears. Her expression and her, " oh, no, you are so torn up and look at all the blood. What happened to you?" She felt sorry for me, but off to the sink she carried me. I let her wash my wounds and she put some greasy stuff on my head wounds. She looked in my ears, yikes that tickles, and must of found more bloody scratches and cleaned me again and put more of the greasy stuff on, but she wouldn't let me have that Q-tip she uses. My favorite thing to get and chew on, freaks her out. She thinks it will stop up my bowels. That's a hoot!

Anyway, Aunt Andi, I am on the mend, thanks to Mom. She still puts that greasy stuffy on me and she seems pleased with the way I look now. No mention of the limping from Mom, but I sure do hurt a lot. I forgot to mention I slept for hours and hours after Mom cleaned me up. I felt better after that. Ya know, Dad even felt sorry for me and he rubbed my head a lot too. Mom gave me some ham. That was a great treat. Made me feel better.

Last night Mom picked me up and looked at my belly. She found two extra small scratches and went into all kinds of words. Yee gads, just a cat brawl I was in. I wonder how the other guy feels. I think I got some good bites in, so there!

See you later Aunt Andi.

Love, Buster

Oh my, I am glad that orange guy is ok.  That is scary.  I don't know why kitties think going outside is fun.  I could tell them stories that would make their balls fall off.  If they had any.  Mom went over this morning to see how Tiger is doing.  Yeah, he got the snot beat out of him but he is still a good looking cat.  Not that I care or anything.

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