Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heathen Infestation

June 2009.  I remember it so well.  It was AWFUL.  We were invaded by heathens.  I was not happy.  Mom, Wraggs and Bob were all good with this THING but not me.  I was pissed.  I refused to have anything to do with them.  I mean, LOOK AT THEM, they are hideous!
I guess they have names.  Hermie and Louie.  I think their real name is detestable heathens.  I know what kittens are, I had babies.  These, these....are not my babies.  I was not going to take care of them.  Mom seemed to think they were cute.  I just don't see it.

Hermie, just cause you have extra toes it does not make you cute.

Double trouble, can't anyone see how bad this is going to be?  Am I the only sane one here?  

Yeah, get used to being behind bars babies......get used to it.  This is MY house and I make the rules!

Oh and Louie, you have aspirations in the future, I know you do.  Just remember, your balls, they are mine!

And then Bob, he was OK with this abomination.  I guess I will forgive Bob.  He wasn't feeling very well. 

I know something is going on with him and I don't think he will be around to watch over the heathens.  Dammit, then I will have to do it.  It always is the woman's, I mean girl kitty's job to take care of the kids.  I'm not really mad about that, I mad that Bob won't be here with me anymore.  I don't think I can talk about that today.  I'll tell more of what happened next tomorrow. 

On a different note, today, November 3, 2010, is Mom's 50th birthday.  I'm not sure but I think that is pretty old.  It is like a elebentynine in cat years so I know it is old.  She looks OK for a geezer lady.  I'm going to make sure to give her extra snuggles tonight.  I'm pretty sure she will be needing them. 
As you can see, Mom seems to have liked kitties since forever. 


  1. ♥ the baby pics! Thanks for sharing your stories, your furmily and above all, yourself! fuzzcro