Monday, November 29, 2010

Heathens, want to buy them?

I didn't write anything yesterday....did you miss me?  I was saving things up.  Actually the heathens didn't do anything exciting to write about, I know, shocking.  But they didn't. 

Ah, but today, yup, they have. 

Our Christmas tree is still up, even though they have tried to take it down.
Yes, all 3 of the heathens are bothering the tree, even Robin!  Mom has had to put ornaments back on the tree lots of times.  And she doesn't get mad!  Mom is a good person.  Not getting mad at heathens.  That has gotta be tough.  I'd be yelling at them constantly. 

Sure, Louie, you are innocent, just looking at the tree.  Uh huh, we all know what you are and what you will do. 
Oh, don't you drag my sweet Hermie into this, he wouldn't do anything naughty.  He is a good boy. 

Nooooooooooooo, Hermie, don't do it!  Santa won't bring you presents!  And you want presents!  Really, lots of presents.  Squishy balls especially.

Oh, ladies, don't get too excited, he is spoken for.  That little thumbed kitty is mine, all mine! 

You can have this one, free.  I'll even pay for shipping costs, air holes are optional.

I'll throw this one in too, no extra cost!  I might give him air holes. 

But this one is mine. 

Have you noticed?  No pictures of me.  Mom, you need to get with it, I need a picture or two on here too you know, after all, it is my blog. 

OK, back under the bed with me, I need a nap.  All this excitement, I've broken a sweat.  That is way too close to exercise you know.

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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact, you were missed :)