Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Heathens went to deball

Oh boy!!!!  The heathens went to the mean doctor lady and she took their balls!!!  I am not sure what that means but I hope she gave them some brains too.  They are stoopid heathens. 
Look at them, fighting to go in that kitty box.  They have no idea what they are in for...but I do!  hehe, boys, I told you, your balls are mine!  MINE!

I know I shouldn't admit it but Hermie is kind of growing on me and not like a wart.  I can stand to be near him.

He is no Bob but he is 'ok'.  Don't let it go to your head heathen....I still would like to return you.  I cannot believe that I was actually on Mom's bed with those two.  OMG, it was horrible

With Halloween 2009 just around the corner, Mom decided it was time.  Time for the heathens to know what it is to be part of this house. 

WHAT????  Those are supposed to be pictures embarrassing the heathens.   grrrrrr

Yes....that is much better.  Much better.  You can see them the way I see them.  As doofuses. 

Even Wraggs got in on the fun.  She sure was a good doggie about all of that stuff.  Not sure if you know this but we were best friends.  We girls have to stick together when there are heathens in the house.

I must take a nap now, this blogging stuff wears me out. 

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