Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Stranger and Goodbye Sweet Friend

Summer continued on.  Mom still wasn't working outside of the house.  She says taking care of us is a full time job.  Plus, Wraggs needed special care.  Renal failure isn't fun.  Mom had to make Wraggs eat wet dog food.  That doggie was so good about letting Mom put food her mouth.  She even let Mom give her a pill to settle her stomach so she didn't hurl all the time.  Mom knew that this was just a matter of time.  Aunt Adele was upset and worried, see, she loved Wraggs too. 

But of course things were still happening the house, courtesy of the heathens

They were lucky that Mom has a good sense of humor.  And likes to share things like this on the Internet.  Of course it was Mom's fault for leaving the curtains up and having a window.  Oh and did I mention, adopting the heathens was a HUGE mistake.    She was able to fix everything.  Except the heathens.

Hermie really likes the lizards.   He keeps asking Mom if he can have one, promises to feed it and walk it.  Mom doesn't believe him. 

Goodness, Louie is trying to be sexy.  Dude, you so are not sexy to me!  Yew!!!!!!!

OOOO, she is so sweet!  I loves my Wraggs, we are good friends.

Oh my, how did my picture get in here?  I do look good don't I.  Mom took the picture to show my short little legs and round little body.  I keep telling her, ROUND is a shape. 

Here I am with my best doggie friend Wraggs.   This was our slumber party.  We made prank phone calls, talked about boys, ate junk food.  It was a great party.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Louie, stop putting your picture in here, no one wants to see your parts!

Louie....Wraggs doesn't want to see your parts either. 

July stuff happened, we met someone new.  Mom's neighbor told her about a kitty that needed a home.  Mom said no, she couldn't handle another cat in the house.  Whew, yay Mom!  Then Mom changed her mind.  I'm not sure why but she called the neighbor lady and said 'I will take the cat'.  But the cat wasn't to be found yet.  She was still running free in another neighborhood.  Finally, the kitty got picked up and Mom brought her home.

Oh no, another cat in the house.  And look at that long tail.  I can't compete with that.  No, definitely not going to be happy that another girl is in the house. 

Mom called this girl kitty Robin, after her brother who passed away in 1989.  But the heathens and I knew a secret about this Robin.  That pretty girl kitty is really a boy.  Yup, Robin has a penis.  But we didn't tell Mom this.  She had to find out on her own.

Mom did the intro of the heathens to Robin.  It went really well.  Mom is the cat whisperer. 

Wraggs met Robin and approved.  She knew that Mom was going to need all the love that we kitties could give her. 

Within days Robin was out and about with the heathens and they were all behaving.  Mom has the touch with kitties. 

Our sweet friend Wraggs was getting sicker.  She wasn't eating without Mom forcing food into her and then she still threw it up.  But she was so good about trying to get outside to throw up.  She was so smart to do that.  Mom wasn't upset about her throwing up but was upset that she wasn't feeling well.  Wraggs wasn't walking very far and any activity was getting harder and harder for her.  Mom was coming to grips with the fact that Wraggs was not going to be with us much longer. 

Then one day Wraggs told Mom 'Andi, it is time, I need to go now, please help me'.  Mom was upset but told her friends that Wraggs had decided and she was going to abide by her wishes.  She called the mean doctor lady (who isn't really mean) and made an appointment.  Mom talked to her sister and told her that it was time, Aunt Adele was upset of course.  Mom talked to her friends online, they were upset to hear, they all loved Wraggs.  Mom told the neighbors that care so much for Wraggs and Mom.  Everyone was sad but we of the animal world knew that Wraggs was going to be free and healthy again, she was going to see Grandma and Grandpa and BOB!! 

Wraggs passed quietly with the help of the very nice doctor lady.  Mom stayed with her the entire time and said goodbye. 

When Mom came home she was very sad.  That night I knew Mom was upset.  I ran (waddled fast) to lay down on top of Mom.  I'd never done this before but I knew Mom needed me and I was there for her.  I would do anything for Mom.  Except like the heathens. 

I called to Wraggs that night too.  I yowled loudly.  I wanted her to know that I would take care of Mom, that we would be OK and that we all missed her.  I thought I saw her in the bedroom a couple of times.  I think she came back just to make sure Mom and we kitties were doing all right. 

Rest in peace sweet Wraggs.  Till we meet again.

No one will ever grace a sombrero like you.

We are all doing OK now.  It was rough for a bit but Mom has some serious backbone and doesn't let what she cannot change stop her. 

It looks like the rest of the summer is going to be good.  Mom is going to discover that she has 3 heathen cats and one tub of lard kitty

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