Monday, November 8, 2010

Ho ho ho......

Ho ho ho. Yeah, it is that time of year (December 2009).  Christmas.  The time of toys and gifts and good things to eat.  Toys I am not much into, see, I never really learned how to play as a kitten, my life was all about survival and playing is not part of surviving.  Gifts?  Well, my gift to you is:  ME!  And good things to eat?  Mom always makes sure we kitties and the doggie have good food to eat, high grade kibble and a little junk food thrown in, cat treats, gooshy foods.  Sure the the heathens are still eating kitten gooshy food and I get a nibble every now and then.  Mom wants them to grow up strong and healthy.  She just wants me to be happy. 

And as you know, with Christmas in this house comes the inevitable holiday pictures.  I really don't like to participate.  But Mom insists on me being in at least one or two pictures. 
I was not happy to have my picture taken but I was thrilled that there were no heathens in the picture with me.  Just me and Mom.  As it should be.

hahahah, look at the stoopid heathens!  They look like morons!!!  Mom and Wraggs look good though.  And me?  Oh at this point I am hiding under the bed.  I do not participate happily in this horror. 

There were presents handed out to the heathens and Wraggs.  Like I said, I am not much into toys and silliness so I rarely come out to see what was going on.

Wraggs opened her gifts like she always does.  I understand she got lots of stuffed animals and dog treats.  Yup, those are good things for doggies. 

Hermie got Mom's old watch.  He kept stealing it out of her jewelry box so Mom made sure he got it for Christmas. 

Louie was jealous of the watch that Hermie got.....I'm sure he thought it should be his

So he stole it! 

We all got lots of good things.  The neighbors gave us stuff too!  Isn't that nice of them?  They like Mom.  Here is a picture of the haul of stuff we got.

Dammit, a heathen is in that picture.  Spoils it totally.

That is a kitty bed Mom got for us but Wraggs thought it was a toy for her!  No no silly doggy, that is my bed.  I sleep in it every evening when Mom is in the family room.  I fits me just right.

Wraggs was happy with all the stuffies.  She really was a very happy and nice doggy. 

We closed out 2009 in the usual way, quietly.  And started 2010 right up after 2009 ended.  I wasn't really sure what was going to happen in 2010.  I was hoping for lots of good things.  Mom knew different but just so you know, we are all OK, we lose one of us but gain another.  The Heathens are still around, Mom spends lots of time with us and I go on a diet.  yeah, I can see 2010 is gonna be freaking great.

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