Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am not a Witch but I think Mom might be

Mom has been home with us all summer and now fall.  We all like it but know she has to get back to work.  She has to buy us noms some way. We all have pretty high standards where gooshy foods are concerned. 

So we moved closer to Halloween and you know what that means.  sigh.......yeah, the stupid hats came out.  I really do not get this thing of putting hats on us and taking pictures. Mom thinks it is funny but we kitties are appalled by the whole thing.  I think MOM should wear the funny hats but she refuses.  Says something about her being in charge and she is the one with the camera.  Really, just not fair.

See!!!!  I tell you, embarrassing.  I must go thru the files of pictures and find something embarrassing of Mom.  I hear there are some 'fat' pictures of her out there. hmmmm, maybe tonight while she sleeps I will get on the computer and find some.  That will teach her!

The heathens are all getting along splendidly.  I so do not plan on getting along with any of them.  Well, maybe Hermie.  He doesn't normally try to hump me.  And when he does, well....he gets it so wrong.  He puts his butt up towards my head.  I do not not NOT want to think about what he might want me to do.  I am so not that kind of kitty. 

he is 'kind of' handsome.  In a heathen kind of way. 

Quick, open the screen and push those boys out of here!  But Mom never ever listens to me, she lets them stay here and doesn't want them to go.  It is like they are wanted here.  Not by me they aren't!

awwwww, Hermie is so cute isn't he?  I might sorta could deal with him. 

So back to Halloween.  Mom had to take pictures of us all in this stupid hat. 

hahahahaha, Louie looks like the doofus that he is!  And so happy about wearing that hat!  I do think he is a witch.  Or something. 

ooooo, I think Hermie is flipping Mom off, you naughty heathen!  Mom gives us gooshy foods and a warm safe house, you shouldn't flip her off. 

Robin hasn't heard but you are supposed to wear that horrible hat, not smell it.  I guess Mom is giving him a break since he is so new to the household. 

And Mom pet sat Tiger again so she took the hat over there.  Oh Tiger was good about it.  He really needs to get with the program, hate the hats Tiger, hate the hats.

Yeah, he looks thrilled. 

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???  I so did not have relations with that heathen. 

Robin appears to be mellowing a bit.  I still don't like him.  I really, really do not like him.  He is a BOY!  Even when he was a girl he was a boy and I hated him.  But he LOVES catnip, he can't be all bad, right? 

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not this, this, THIS again!   Oh wait, Mom only did it to Robin cause she needed some pictures for the calendar.  whew.  But I am sure it is going to happen.  I heard Mom got us kitties some outfits.  I think we will just have fits instead, OK? 

HAHAHAHA, Hermie has balls!   Squishy balls! 

I better be good, Christmas is just around the corner.  But first we have Thanksgiving.  I need to think about what I want the Fat Turkey to bring me for Thanksgiving.  mmmm, peace from heathens, no heathens, heathenless house.  I have a feeling no matter how good I am, I won't be getting what I want most.    sigh

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