Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I get no respect

Wow, I am almost up to current day with my blog entries.  I've not told all my stories but given you the best ones.  A girl does have to keep a few secrets. 

Mom is gearing up for the holidays.  Even though she is unemployed she said we are going to get presents.  I hope am getting a heathen free zone.  I've been a good girl, for the most part at least. 

Two weeks ago Robin changed again.  No, not back to a girl.  He refused to sleep in the office with the door closed.  He REFUSED!  This did not make me happy at all.  It means I don't get the whole house to wander thru at night, heathen free. 
Robin, Robin, me, no matter how many costumes you wear, I can still tell you are a heathen.  Yup, you are!  And therefore, I must hate you. 

And you know the worst thing ever?  Mom makes me leave the bedroom at night.  She will pick me up and carry my delicate self out into the front room where A BOY IS!!  I growl the whole time.  Mom keeps telling me to hush but I am going to show my distress at having to be around a heathen and one I have not been properly introduced to.  If we had met properly and Robin had bowed down to me as I expect all kitties to do, it would be different.  harrumph. 

Ah, the trees are full of heathens this year.  I'm wondering if we can get those eradicated by the lawn guy.  I'll get the number and see what he can do. 

On that note, I must nap.

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