Friday, November 26, 2010

I give it 24 hours

Well, thank goodness that holiday crap is over with.  What?  It isn't?   noooooooooooooo, does that mean that I will have to be pleasant and nice to the heathens?  You know, that will never happen. 

Mom made turkey and all this other stuff yesterday.  I got some turkey, it was yummy!  I didn't eat too much, I am watching my figure. 

And when Mom showed Hermie the turkey......OMC!!!  Too freaking funny!!!  He got scared and wanted away from that turkey now!  He gave Mom a couple of little scratches on her tummy but I checked and she is fine.  And you know what?  Hermie enjoyed eating some of that turkey later.  He gobbled it up.  And Robin adores turkey, Mom put some on his plate for overnight snacking and it was gone this morning.  No no no, I did not bother it. 

Today is the annual 'put up the little tree in the front room so that it can be knocked over' day. I don't know why Mom does it.  She said something about 'enjoying the holidays' and 'gifts for kitties'.  I am all for that!
They started up right away, with 'helping'. 

Guys, Mom doesn't even have ornaments on there and you are already thinking about it? 

Mom is nuts.  She put garland on the chandelier and totally expects the heathens to leave it alone.  Like that will happen. 

SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's HERMIE!!!! My sweetie!!!  He looks so handsome as he contemplates taking the tree down. 

Oh, so now it is known, the 3rd heathen is just as bad as the other two.  Heathens, can't live with them and Mom won't let me kill them.

Cripes, that is Louie!  You KNOW he will be the one to cause the most trouble. 

Well, Mom got the little tree up and it has been up for almost 3 hours now and hasn't come down.  Maybe this year they heathens will be better about it.  Yeah, I know better than that. 

And of course once the tree goes up, you know what happens next.  Mom has to take holiday pictures!  With us cats in the pictures.  I hate that, totally hate it.  I will put up with maybe one or two pictures but I don't want any heathen like things in the photos, just me and Mom.  The chicks. 

You will note that I did not participate in this decorating of the funny little tree thing.  I am not into the holidays very much.  I do it for Mom.  But I will go back under the bed as soon as it is done.

Bah hum bug!

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