Saturday, November 20, 2010

Junk food, yummy yummy junk food

Mom said I have to write early today cause she has a hair appointment and then she is going to a holiday open house at some friends house.  I didn't know she had friends.  I mean real people?  I thought she abhorred human contact.  I guess I was wrong. 

So Robin gets to be out of the office all night now, you know this really pisses me off.  I am not happy he is out and about.  He has never bothered me but there is always that potential.  But Mom won't lock him up again!  How long till the other heathens are loose all night too? 

Anyway, since Robin is out all night Mom puts his food in the kitchen.  She figured I would be too scared to bother it and that I had my own food to eat.  HA! 
Was I not supposed to nibble on this food?  I mean really, it is here, I am here, it is perfect.  Mom now knows why Robin's food dish was almost empty in the morning (dammit).  She gave me the same lecture she gave herself:  eat too much crap food and no exercise and you get fat.  What, ROUND IS A SHAPE!   Plus it was yummy kibble.  Not like that healthy stuff she gives me.  Sure, the healthy crap is made in Nebraska.  All the ingredients are from the United States, they track all the ingredients that come in and all the product that goes out.  But I want junk food!  OK, the stuff from this Nebraska place is yummy and Mom seems to think it is cool and pretty funny that it is made in the town where my Uncle Tony and Aunt Donna live.  But I want junk food!

Not fair.  How I am supposed to keep this plumpness if I can't eat junk food? 

I'm going to nap now and dream of kibble, lots of kibble, full of carbs kibble.  yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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