Friday, November 19, 2010

Ladder to Heathens

The other day one of the lights on the kitchen ceiling blew out.  Mom said a dirty word too when it happened.  I guess she doesn't like to climb up so high.  I would do it for her but I don't like to do anything harder than maybe snuggle a little bit.  I'm afraid I would lose my roundness if I extended any effort.  So Mom had to climb up a ladder to get to the light.  And you know what the heathens did?  Guess! 

This was after Mom was done of course.  They didn't want to help her fix the light either.  Mom wanted to see how they would react to the ladder. 

Hermie is showing off again!  Sheesh, give a guy thumbs and he thinks he can walk upright.

He even figured out how to climb up the ladder (show off)

Louie wasn't as smart, he didn't figure it out.  Or it may be that he knew better.  Nah, he is stoopid.

Then he couldn't figure out how to get down.  DOOFUS!!!  Mom had to help him down.  Then he went right back up so Mom decided to take more photos of the DOOFUS!

I'm telling you, I am glad I stayed in the bedroom where it is safe and I didn't see my sweet Hermie up there.  I would have been very upset.   Possibly.  nah, not really. 

Robin was smart, he hid and didn't take part in the ladder incident.  He seems to be fitting in here pretty well with the other heathens.  I still dislike him intensely but not as bad as before.  I can almost be in the same room with him if I don't have to see him. 

He has walked into the family room the last few days when I am on the couch getting some beauty rest.  Seems he wants to be with Mom but still isn't sure how to do it.  Mom keeps telling  him that he can sit on her lap but he doesn't understand.  Some not so fun stuff must have happened to him to make him so scared to be picked up and loved by Mom.  I mean, she is the best.  Hopefully even Robin will figure out in time that Mom is special and will never hurt him.  She may put funny hats on us and take pictures but we are always warm, have full tummies, clean poopy boxes and we have Mom.  sniff sniff..I'm getting mushy here. 

I think I better nap some more

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