Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first GOTCHA Day

As of February 2009, I have been home for a year now.  It is good here.  I sleep with my Mom and the other cat Bob.  Wraggs is in the room with us but she is relegated to the floor.  She can't get up on the bed cause she is older so she sleeps on a dog bed on the floor. 
The above picture is of Mom and me on my 1st 'gotcha' day.  That's the day that Mom rescued me.  I allowed this photo to be taken in honor of the greatest day of my life. 

The spring moved fast.  Mom was not happy at that place she went every day but she kept saying it keeps kibble in the food bowls.  Sometimes that is what it is all about.  I would have gotten a job outside of the home but I am pretty sure I have an important roll here.  I'm in charge of everything. But don't tell the others.
Yeah, I don't want it to get around just how much I am in charge here.  I have Mom waiting on my hand and foot.  Kibble slave!!!! 
Mom says she is amazed at just how beautiful I am.  And cannot imagine that no one else saw my beauty.  Yes, I have a half mustache and a permanent dirty nose but in Mom's eyes, I am beautiful.  I don't care what anyone else thinks of me.  Mom is the only one that matters.  Oh and Bob, I want Bob to like me.  Shoot, I want Bob to LOVE me.

And be prepared.  In tomorrow's episode of Ellie's Life, a MAJOR change will be occurring.  Be scared, be very scared. 

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