Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Year and I am still here

Christmas came and went and it wasn't that bad.  Not really.  OK, so Mom made me wear silly stuff and she took pictures but that was a small price to pay for living here.  I can deal with it.
This wasn't so bad.  You can't see it but I had to wear a collar and leash cause Mom thought I might bolt and not be in the picture.  She was right.

Oh my stars!  The doggie is getting close to me!!  This should not be happening.  Oh there is Bob, he is so handsome.....
I participated in this horror fest.  It better not happen again.

The new year happened.  Mom still had a job, she felt it was always in jeopardy.  She knew.  Anyway, new year, new beginnings.  I was hoping some cool stuff would happen this year.  Mom wasn't sure.  Bob wasn't telling and Wraggs....who listens to a doggie anyway.  Not me, nope, not me.  I know better.  I am smart!  And pretty.  I've really blossomed in the year I have lived here.

I can hardly wait for summer, I have this feeling that things are going to happen but my senses are telling me....something very sad will happen and Mom will be hurt.  I better be on my toes, I need to take care of the food source. 

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