Monday, November 15, 2010

One perfect girl kitty and 3 stinking heathens

The heathens and I did our best to get Mom's spirits up.  Not that Mom was sad but down deep, yeah, she missed Wraggs as did the rest of us.  Everyone of us kitties knew that what Mom helped Wraggs with was the kindest thing that a human can do for their furry companions.  

So, we continued on being kitties and running the household.  One day Mom found cat pee where it wasn't supposed to be.  Oh shoot, someone peed on the dog bed.  Thankfully Mom found it fast and thru it in the wash.  She wasn't sure which of the kitties it was but she was sure it wasn't me.  I'm much to much of a lady to do that sort of thing.  So Mom watched to see who it was.  The next morning someone peed on that bed again.  Whoops, it wasn't one of the heathens, Robin.  Mom called the mean doctor lady and said she had a kitty with a UTI. 

Mom took Robin to the doctor and came home.  The tech called Mom later with the bad news.  Seems that Robin, who was supposed to be a girl is in fact a BOY!  oh SHIT!!!  Another heathen brother.  Great, just freaking great.  This of course was not a surprise to all of us kitties.  We knew Robin was a boy.  And of course Robin knew he was a boy.  Obviously Mom needs to get out more.  Robin came home with an antidepressant.  I guess going from a girl to a boy is depressing.  I know I would be depressed.  Actually he had a sore bladder and the antidepressant helps it feel better. 

Oh good, someone in the house is going to get a job!  Louie?  Someone would hire a heathen?  Doubtful unless they just want one who poops outside of the box.  He is very good at that.

Hermie, I am not sure you will have much luck as a Chippendale's dancer.  But you can try.  I'm sure someone would like to see you dance. 

Oh Louis, Louis, Louis....You are not sexy at all.  You think you are smooth and sweet but you are a heathen. 

Here is the newest heathen.  I don't know much about him yet other than that he is a BOY and that makes him a heathen.  Mom said he was outside just like me but he had had a home before.  Cause his balls were gone and someone took his toes off!  He is declawed, Mom doesn't like that, she says it can cause issues.  Hopefully this heathen will be OK.
I am with my bestest friend ever here.  My food bowl.  sigh.  I'm on a diet.  I'm trying to save all my fat, I mean curves. 

Oh my!!!  Bob as a baby!!!!  Look how cute he is and he grew up to be soooo handsome.  HE wasn't a heathen, he was a heart throb. 

Oh no!!!  Robin is getting into this being a heathen bit.  Now he is up on the plant shelf.  I'm the only good one in the  house, I don't go up there.  It has nothing to with the fact that I can't get up there, I don't even try. 

We are almost current in time now.  Thank goodness.  A couple more days and I can write in real time. 

So life has been pretty much normal around here.  For this place at least. 

Yup, this is normal for here.  The heathens are just goofs.  I can't say it enough. 
Hermie, are you doing Pilate's again?  I wish I could do this..but being round makes it a little difficult for me. 

Mom said today (the real today) that she has to work out and lose weight.  I heard a scream when she got on the scale this morning.  Mom, round is a shape!  But Mom says no, she has to be good and workout and eat right.  This being healthy stuff sucks but if Mom can do it, maybe I can too.  Maybe. 

So now it is me and 3 heathens brothers.  And Mom.  Thank goodness for Mom.  I cannot imagine having to deal with those three all on my own.   I'd probably channel Mom's Mom more and just scream 'yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. 

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