Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poor Robin, he has heathens too!

Mom is worried about me.  I haven't pooped.  Well of course not, you took my litter box away!  Yeah, she is finally cleaning them all out today!  I was getting rather pungent in the house.  Mom is giving me some hairball medicine to keep my poops moving.  I think I pooped a little, Mom heard me.  I just get a little, mmmm, stopped up on occasion.  I hear everyone does.  I'm sure Mom will be relieved just as much as I will be when the time comes. 

Yesterday Mom went to a holiday open house at her friend Gary's house.  Gary and Rich already had it decorated for Christmas.  Mom kept thinking 'that tree in my house would be on the floor immediately'.  Yes, she knows the heathens would tear it apart and have a grand time.  Anyway, Mom had a good time and finally Mom came home to us, where she belongs!

So, a few days ago Robin was minding his own business and was resting on the couch.  Hermie was there with him and Mom saw and got the camera.  Here are a few pictures.  Laughing is required.
hmmmm, I wonder where Robin is...

shhhh, don't tell that tabby heathen where I am. 

He is right there isn't he.  I can feel it.  But I'm not moving just in case.

Hey, Robin is under there!  I must do something.  I am not sure what. 

Yes, stepping on Robin is what I wanted to do.  Seems right.
Hey Robin, how ya doin' in there? 

Wanna smack him, wanna smack him, wanna smack him

Oh, I better behave, Santa will be here soon and I need to be a good little heathen if I want presents.
Oh, I see lizards outside, I am going to try and get one, Later Robin!

What just happened?  Can't a guy get any beauty sleep around here without trouble coming to the door?

Hi Robin, I'm back, wanna play?  huh?  do ya?  huh????

I really have no patience for that heathen.  I may have to chase him later.  Much later.

Well, thaT was a fun little interlude wasn't it?  I know I had a good time. 

So Mom finally got the litter boxes all clean, the floors vacuumed and mopped and then she refilled our boxes.  4 boxes and they were used almost immediately.  Mom was still filling one when Robin decided he need to pee NOW.  Thank goodness Mom was there to hold his back end in the box.  And me?  Yes, I used the clean litter box immediately.  I feel MUCH better now.  Whew. 

Mom has a note for her friends who have had one of their furry kids go to the rainbow bridge.  She found this note on a site she likes to read on Caturday (everyday is Caturday you know).  Anyway, the words may bring you some comfort.

Just remember what you already know.
When we welcome one of these fascinating creatures (or, indeed, any pet that isn't an elephant or a desert tortoise) into our lives, we make a pact with the universe. One we know will end someday. The value obtained is love, laughter , companionship, and endless wonder at the irrepressible energy of life.  The price, to be paid someday, is the pain of saying goodbye.

But that's really the essence of existence, isn't it? The universe balances all things, and the only real choice is that between a life of joy and suffering, and a fear driven, cloistered existence of...well, nothing.
So ask yourself - had you not chosen to befriend this beautiful little creature, what would his/her life have been? Would there have even been one?  What would your life have been without them?
So, grieve, as grieve
you must. But never regret. You won. Life won. Love won.
It's all good.

Mom, you made me emotional again!  You know what that means.  NAP TIME!!!

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