Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest in peace my sweet Bobberoo

July 2, 2009 was a horrible day here.  Mom came home from that place she goes everyday to find Bob really sick.  He was just sitting, his eyes were glazed over and Mom knew this wasn't good.  I wasn't sure what was going on, Mom was crying.  She brought Bob into me to say goodbye.  WHAT???  Where is Bob going?  He can't go!  I've only now realized how much I love him.  And Mom's eyes were leaking bad.  Bob said goodbye to Wraggs too.  Then Mom and Bob got in the big box.  Bob wasn't going to come back.  This was an awful, horrible, ghastly day.   

Bob was 17 years old, he had just had his birthday.  He came to live here with Mom in October 2003.  He used to live with Mom's Mom and Dad and Wraggs.  I never got the whole story but Bob was very happy to have moved to Florida with Mom.  Plus Wraggs was here.  And I came into his life.  We had such a short amount of time together.  Bob will always be in my heart.  Mom was really sad so Wraggs and I did our best to make her feel better.  Oh yeah, and the heathens too.  I guess they are good for something.

Here is a picture of Bob, isn't he handsome?
Rest in peace handsome boy.  Someday we will be together again.  Until that time, I have to take care of Mom the best that I can.  It is HARD!  Then Mom had some more emotional hurt of her own to deal with.  Yeah, a man.  Wow, this love stuff is difficult.  I had no idea.  I miss Bobber so much.  Now I know how Mom feels.

Bob and I were so close.  My heart is breaking.  I don't know how to make my eyes leak but I am sad. 

I finally stopped hiding from the heathens.  I had to face my fears.  Mom insisted that the heathens sleep in our room.  I'm thankful that she put them in a box so I didn't have to play 'mommy kitty' to them.

I cannot believe that Mom thinks they are cute.  I don't see it.  I just don't see it.
I suppose we can't send them back.  They are growing on a wart that I cannot get rid of.  And Mom loves them.  I would do anything for Mom, I guess I can deal with heathens. 

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