Thursday, November 18, 2010

Round is a shape

ooooooo, Mom screamed on Monday morning.  Well maybe not screamed but she was very upset.  She got on the scale thing to see how much she weighed.  Mom, don't do that, it is only bad news.  Remember, round is a shape!  So Mom said 'I am going to lose this, what the heck is going on, is it that new medicine I have to take'.  Mom stopped and thought and decided that if you eat crappy food, too much of it and don't exercise enough, you will gain weight.  I know, it is amazing the stuff she comes up with.  But Mom is happier now.  She is down 3 pounds!  In 3 days.  And you know how?  She has been eating right and exercising.  Round is a shape.  It works for me. 

Sheesh, Mom was on the phone with that human heathen again, you know, a BOY, well, he is a man.  Anyway, I was upset about it so I threw up on the bed (actually I had a hairball).  Delicately of course.  I am a delicate round flower who puked on Mom's bed...hehe.  Mom didn't get upset with me but she did wash the blankets clean.  Oh, I will just do it again sometime Mom, you know that.  I was still allowed to snuggle with Mom all night, that is the bestest thing ever. 

See this?  That is Louie.  He is scared of that makeup brush.  Mom put it in front of the closet door to keep him from opening the door.  Because DA BIRD lives in that closet and Louie wants DA BIRD.  She used the water bowl for week till he figured out how to move it (who knew they could figure stuff out!).  Both Louie and Hermie are terrified of the makeup brush.  I don't know why and neither does Mom.  I mean, really, it isn't like it is the thermometer thing at the mean doctor lady's place. 

Oh my!!!!  Hunky Hermie!!!  I just want to snuggle him, even if it does seem rather illegal.   I secretly love him.  Don't tell anyone.  shhhhhhhhh
Whew, a picture of me, finally.  I always look so angry but I'm not.  Maybe a little perturbed about the heathens and Mom taking my picture.  But over all, I am a pretty happy girl. 

Here is a preview of what the holidays are going to be like here.

hahahaha, I have no idea what he is supposed to be but he sure looks like a doofus.  Oh this Christmas is going to be FUN!  I hope I don't have to participate, you know, I am not much of a participator.  Why am I scared?  I run under the bed anytime Mom comes in the bedroom...afraid she is going to make me put on some stupid costume and then take pictures of me.  I refuse.  I'm pretty sure it is in the Constitution, yup, right there.  I have a right to bare arms.  Do not put a sweater on me!

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