Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Start to a strange year (2010)

Whoohoo, we made it to 2010!  This will be the start of my 3rd year in the house of Mom!  I'm never leaving this place ever.  It is nice and warm and safe and the foods are plentiful.  Yes, I have to deal with heathens but dang, the food!  (mmmm, whoops, I weigh too much?  nooooooooooooooooo)
Yes, I was on the couch with the heathens.  I don't even want to think about what those two are doing.  They are HEATHENS!

The heathens are growing up, they aren't every going to be good enough for me though.  Hermie, well, he tries to be cute and sexy. 
Louie tried to mimic him.  yeah, still not sexy Louie.

Mom got some good pictures of them, I guess.  Tabby's are not my thing. 

Hermie is sort of handsome I guess (Mom did get a good shot here).  And then she gets this...he just has to show off doesn't he. 

The place Mom goes everyday was making her miserable.  I hated to see her like this.  I wasn't sure what I could do to help but I tried my best by cuddling her at every opportunity.  Of course the heathens had their ways to make mom feel better.

Oh yeah, guys, that makes Mom feel REAL good.  Funny thing...Mom didn't yell.  She started laughing.  It sounded great.  I've missed hearing Mom laugh.  OK, the heathens are good for that at least. 

And I tried my best to make Mom smile. 

This is me playing.  Yup, playing.

Then it really happened.  The place Mom went every day said they didn't want her to go there anymore.  Mom was upset but also happy.  She was scared about how to pay for things (I saw her bank accounts, she had planned well and knew that shit was going to happen) so I knew were were good.  Mom wouldn't let any of us suffer.  Dammit, wanted the heathens to suffer......

And Mom got to stay home with us!  She calls it 'unemployment' and says it is a good thing.  Wraggs was happy, she got to go for lots of walks with Mom.  Not very far walks, she was not feeling very good but Mom would take her out so she could smell everything and pee and poop out there.  Yup, it was good to have Mom home with us. 

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