Friday, November 5, 2010

Time moves on and the Heathens won't leave

I still think the heathens need to be returned.  Mom refuses though.  I'm ticked that they are here at all.  They are not a replacement for Bob.  No one can take his place in my heart. 
Mom FINALLY moved them out of our bedroom and into the guest room, which has now been renamed the heathen room.  She even locks them up in there when she is off at that place she goes to every day.  I'm really, really pleased that I don't have to deal with them. 

And get this!!!  Wraggs likes the heathens!  Dogs have no sense of well, sense. 

I mean really, everyone still thinks they are cute and sweet.  I will never be able to deal with them.  Seriously, look at them!  Doofuses! 

And do you know what they do with that cream blankie?  They SUCK on it like it is their Mommy.  I am so thankful that they like this thing and not me.  Mom, my Mom, says they do this cause they were taken away from their cat mommy too soon.  Quick, send them back! 

I got so tired of hiding in Mom's bedroom, I had to come out and see the real world and guess what I saw?

I'm not looking, not looking, not looking.  If I don't look, it isn't there. 

I see it, dammit,it is here.  That is a Hermie, I can tell cause I see the thumbs.  I guess they aren't going away.  But I have heard they are going to see the mean doctor lady soon and lose their balls.  It sounds like a good idea, wish I could watch.  Soon boys, soon.....your balls, they are mine!

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