Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yeah, Mom is home with us!!

It is really nice having Mom at home with us.  She can see what the heathens do all day.  Which, you probably know this already, is cause trouble and make my life a living heck.  Mom finally got to see first hand what they do to me. 
Here I am, looking beautiful.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some sun.  I love sitting in the sun, so nice and warm on a cold morning.
As you can see, heathens are doing what they do best, acting stupid. 

Really, I was just minding my own business, enjoying the sun. 

Oh, this is nice, maybe he will be good.  Want to take bets on this?

Well of course he has to bother me.  Mom put an end to it and we settled down. 

Wraggs was shocked to see us behaving.  She knows better, she always knows better.

Yes, Wraggs, you knew it wouldn't last.  Mom just kept taking pictures.  She could have stopped this situation but nooooooooooo, she took pictures to show everyone.

The boys argued about who would be my boyfriend.  I prefer neither of them, thank you very much.  I am so over the whole relationship thing. 

Yes, that is Louie.  He got yelled at right after this picture was taken.  Finally, Mom came to my rescue. 

I guess at times they are good looking.  Like when they are way far away from me.  And I don't have to see them.  They are good looking then. 

ooooo, Hermie is giving Louie the stink eye.  I'm sure he deserves it. 

Hermie, what are you doing?  Do you want to break that curtain rod?  You better behave.
Mom likes this picture of Louie.  So do I to tell the truth (don't tell him!).   People think it is sideways or something.  It isn't.  He was looking thru the curtain at Mom.  And was just being goofy. 

Yup, having Mom at home is good.  She is starting to feel better now too.  I understand she is having nightmares about that place she went everyday.  I wonder what they did to her there.....  I do know that we can make her feel better.  I want to see Mom smile again.  I want to hear her laugh again.  I don't ever want her to feel like she isn't good enough ever again.  And the best thing that ever came out of that place was (and don't repeat this EVER), Mom got the heathens.  Don't ever say I said it...I will deny it.  But for Mom, they have been what she needed. 

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