Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Last day of 2010.  Wow, it has been a stellar year here.  Lots of things happened. 

I had my 2 year anniversary of adopting Mom.  That really was the best day ever for me. 
No, nothing naughty is happening here.  Hermie was just laying there and I was there and Mom took pictures.  (A girl cannot get any privacy around here)

Mom got to stay home with us full time (she was laid off from her job, she wasn't happy there anyway so this was a good thing).

Not a great picture of Mom but there is Wraggs......sweet Wraggs.

The Heathens celebrated their first birthday in typical heathen style.  They seem to think it is all about them.  Heathens.  Can't live with them and Mom won't let me kill them.

Wraggs got really sick in the spring and early summer.  Her kidneys were shutting down.  This was NOT good news.  Mom had to make her eat by force feeding her and Wraggs was not happy with that.  She lost a lot of weight.  Then in the middle of the summer, Wraggs told Mom it was time to go see Grandma and Grandpa.  I miss Wraggs (Mom misses her too).

Wraggs, on one of the first few days after she moved here to Florida to live with Mom.  Yeah, you can see, she always was a happy doggie. 

And another heathen was brought into the house this year.  Can you believe, Mom got another cat?  Four cats?  Can anyone say 'crazy cat lady'?

Robin was a stray in another neighborhood.  Some older ladies were feeding him but wanted him to have a real home.  Mom's neighbor, Tiger's Mom, told her about the kitty.  Yup, Mom adopted him. 

Robin was pretty skinny.  He got here and he gained weight, not too much weight but enough to make him healthy.  His fur looks much nicer now too.  It is amazing what a safe place can do for a kitty.

So this year we have had some ups and downs.  Friends leaving our lives, friends joining our lives, friends coming back into Mom's life.  Over all....decent enough year with a few pitfalls thrown in.

I hope next year is better.  Going to get Mom a job.  I'll have to whip the heathens into shape.   WHIPPING HEATHENS!!!  I am so into that.  Going to keep Mom on the right tract for her fitness and weight thingy.  And me?  I'm going just continue to be the best little tub of love that I can be. 

2011 get here already!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fresh food

Mom heard that I've been calling her a fat ass.  She agreed with me of course.  She's trying hard at this now.  Not sure how successful she will be.  Exercise and eating right is a pain but it really is the only way to lose weight.  And do it the healthy way. 

The boys had fun looking out the patio just now.  Look at them.
I don't know what they are all excited about.  But they are.  I know they like to go out there and play on the patio but Mom only let them out there for a little while this morning.  She promised them more time this afternoon when she is making her dinner. 

I really have no idea what could make them so excited.  Lots of chirping and cackling from them.  Stoopid boys.

OOOOO, that makes sense now.  Two turtle doves in the back yard.  Yes, the grass is brown, it is WINTER.  Not everything is green in the winter in Florida.  Plus this kind of grass goes dormant in the winter.  In the spring, once it starts raining again, it will be green and pretty.  But for now, it hides the doves nicely except the heathens still saw them.  Wish I could have seen them. 

I slept with Mom again last night, like always.  But early this morning I went out to sneak some of Robin's kibble.  I must have been gone a long time.  Cause when I came back in the bedroom I was shocked.  And PISSED!  Robin had the audacity to be in MY BEDROOM!  It is MINE!  I do not share Mom.  I hissed at him and he just sat there.  He didn't run from me.  He just looked at me like I was stoopid.  I am so not stoopid, you are stoopid!  I cannot believe that he was in there.  I got on the bed with Mom and kept looking for Robin on the floor, even when he was gone.  I didn't trust him to not jump me.  Even though he has never bothered me. 

Imagine walking into YOUR SAFE PLACE and finding this, this, this HEATHEN.  I was really upset.  Mom told me I was OK.  I didn't believe her.    I'm better now, I am safe cause the bedroom door is closed and there are no heathens to bother me.

This would be much better to see in the bedroom.  sigh.......I love spots. 

Louie would like his doves fresh, no frying, maybe leave a few feathers.  (Heathen, I want my food out of a can or Robin's kibble bowl.  I only like fresh stuff to play with, like lizards!)

Shibbers....I am going to have nightmares forever.

Wish me luck in my afternoon sleep.  Think happy thoughts:  no heathens, Mom to myself, all the kibble I want.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I resolve to be cute

Only a few more days of this year left!  I guess I need to work on my resolutions. 

I resolve to hate the heathens (done!!!!)
I resolve to not lose my figure (done!!!!)
I resolve to cuddle with Mom every night (done!!!!)

Whoohoo, see, not even the new year and I've already kept my resolutions.  Life is good! 

I bet Mom won't keep hers.  Oh yeah, sure, exercise and eat well, those are good things but it is doubtful that Mom will keep that up.  I'll support her and tell her she looks great but she knows when she is bad.  She says things like 'fat, fat ass, get moving'.  She knows she will feel better.  And she has a goal.  Not going to give it up either. 

Not sure what Louie's resolution is, I'm guessing it is to be smug and a heathen.  Well, he has that covered quite nicely.

Hermie's resolution is probably show off his gorgeous stripes, spots and thumbs more.  I'm all for that one.

I discovered Mom's new blanket last night and decided it is mine.  It is VERY soft and comfortable.  Sorry Mom, I won't share with you.

And Robin.  His namesake passed away on this day in 1989.  Yes, it is OK.  Mom is OK with it.  She knows that it was his damned choice.  Our Robin is quite happy here but he keeps looking at me.  MOM, make Robin stop looking at me.  Actually Robin has been contemplating sitting her lap again.  He keeps looking at her when she sits on the couch.  mmm, no, no, no, Mom is MINE. 

So, Mom has been taking pictures of the Heathens and me the last couple of days.  Trying to be artistic.  yeah, go for it Mom.  But no more pictures of me being silly, please.....
Low five!!!

I'm happily napping away in the bathroom by the time you read this (warm room, soft bed to sleep in....aaaaaaaaaaaa)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm cold

Dang!  It is COLD outside.  27 degrees this morning, lots of frost everywhere.  Mom says some of her plants froze.  I'm not surprised.  That is rather chilly.  But I am nice and warm inside and so are the heathens.  They had a quick little shot of patio time.  Mom made them come in.  The tabby boys came right in, Robin had to be carried in the house.    They don't get it, outside BAD, inside GOOD.  What can I say, boys are stoopid. 

The icky Christmas tree is all down and packed up.  Won't have to see it again (well, I barely saw it really) for another year.  Bah, I hate Christmas.  It scares me.  Shoot, everything scares me!  Sometimes even Mom scares me. 
Yes, I am showing off my green eyes.  I am all nice and warm in here and didn't mind it too much that Mom disturbed me.

Oh good Louie, get up there, knock things down.  (no, he didn't, not this time at least)

Yeah, even better Louie.  Stretching your nails on the couch is not a good thing.  Oh hell, we all do it! 

Look, toes.  I love toes. 

So Mom walked out of the office a little while ago and saw something funny.

Robin was hiding.  Not really well but you know, he isn't a rocket surgeon. 

Hermie wanted to see what was under there.  He knew of course.

Hey, Robin is under there!

Robin was just not good at this hiding thing.  He had his tail up behind him wagging away.

This was not going well.  Hermie was being aggressive (for him).

There was growling (Hermie), meowing (Robin) and then Robin took off.  Hermie kept looking.

Louie came over to look too, just in case.  Nope, Robin left, he was having none of that crap from those other heathens.

Looks like Louie is still decked out for the holidays. 

OK, I am now going to take my afternoon nap.  I finished my morning nap just in time. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Monday....can't stand that day

It has gotten cold again here.  For me it is cold!  I'm a Florida kitty.  Thankfully I have Mom to keep me warm.  And my extra layers.  THIS is why I am tubby, for the cold weather.  I'm not sure what Mom's excuse is.  Oh yeah, she is going to lose that this time.  Uh huh.  If I could roll my eyes, I would!  She seems determined this time. 

The boys got to go outside too, the patio only.  The tabby heathens came in on their own, I don't think they like cold weather.  Robin had to be told to come in but he came in willingly too.  I guess it is cold for heathens.  Too bad boys, Mom snuggles with ME!

We are recovering from Christmas.  Mom is cleaning up the holiday stuff, taking down the tree.  Kind of sad but she wants the house back in order.  Like it ever is in order.  But taking down the tiny, scary little tree is a good idea.  Then I might go back in the front room and look out the window at night.  I miss watching the neighbors and their stuff.  They are all very interesting.  I'm a nosey kitty. 

Not much is going on today.  And yesterday wasn't very interesting.  Mom DID workout and she says she is doing it again today.  GOOD.  Tub of Lard Mom. 

Oh GREAT, Louie is reading my blog.  Before I am finished writing it.  Who the hell does he think he is, sitting on Mom's desk, enjoying the nice warm lamp. 

Wow, Louie almost looks like Hermie.  But Hermie is cuter.

Now that is a cute heathen!  HERMIE!!!!

I have to admit, Robin is good looking in his own way.  As long as that way is way, way far away from me.

This is me from earlier this year.  Mom is really slacking about taking pictures of me.  GET WITH THE PROGRAM MOM!   There need to be more pictures of me.  Less heathens, more Ellie. 

Well, this is quiet day, I'm going to rest.  I spent most of the night watching Mom sleep.  I even put my paws on her for a while, just to make sure she was breathing.  She was! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Naughty Heathens

We survived!!!  Christmas that is, of course.  Mom had a good day.  Watched all sorts of things on that television thing.  I have no idea, I only came out for a little bit with her.  I prefer to stay in my safe room.  But Mom got to watch Little Women, the one from 1949.  She likes that stuff.  I don't get it but she likes it.  And I like Mom happy you know. 

Oh no!  I heard a bad word this morning.  DIET! EXERCISE!  I hope Mom isn't talking about me.  Oh she isn't!  Yippee!!!  I was afraid I was going to have to get on the elliptical and exercise and stuff.  I don't do that you know.  Mom cleaned out the fridge of bad stuff (she kept the chocolate, go figure) and said 'I'm going to exercise every day, elliptical, treadmill, something every day'  We shall see.  She said 'at least 15 pounds need to come off of me'.  I don't know, she looks nice to me.  And there is more of her to cuddle.  Just like me! 

The boys are back to being naughty.  Robin just chased and bit Louie, got some hair in his mouth.  Mom of course went in to save Louie.  I say, Louie is getting some of his own medicine!  Hermie is being an angel.

Nooooo Hermie, don't scratch Mom!
Oh look at that, Louie sleeping in one of the cat beds.  He thinks he is so hot. 
OK, I will say, Louie looks nice here.  Almost handsome.  In a heathen kind of way.

Robin had a good time yesterday.  He PLAYED!  He is defintely 'home' here. 

Hermie, you keep being naughty!  Sticking your tongue out at Mom is a definite no no. 

As you can see, I was no where to be found in the entire debacle called 'Christmas'.  I'm quite happy in my room, safe from heathen infiltration. 

I'm still a bit worried about this diet thing.  Is it going to make Mom crankier?

I will think about that tomorrow, for now, I must nap again.  I needs lots of beauty sleep!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!!!  

No snow outside, but lots of gorgeous sunshine and warmness.  Florida is lovely!

The heathens opened gifts this morning.  I tell you, they are just HEATHENS!

Look at them, ripping up that pretty paper and Mom let them and encouraged it. 
They all liked the cat house.

The box was very popular.

Very popular.................

Robin LOVES the mousies!  He was killing it really well.

Hermie said they were wonderful too!

Louie is too cool for toys.

I dreamt of treats all night

Oh crap, this is not what it looks like at all.  I did not kiss Louie.  I didn't!!!!

Look, even Mom got a present!  She got this from her sister-in-law, brother and their family including the cats and dog.  I don't know why they call her a crazy cat lady.....  She got a gift card to Target from Tiger (the kitty she pet sits for).  I am sure there will be a gift card coming from her sister too. 
So we are all resting now.  Mom is going to make a pot roast later with fixings, I'll get a little of the roast I bet.  She says she is feeling better and her contact issue is better (she thought that her contact was bad, the brand new gold ones!).  Something about an eyelash got caught under her eyelid and didn't come out and then just bothered her.  Finally it came out.  Ick.   Mom is just disgusting but she is good at cuddling so I let her live here. 

Hope everyone is having a nice day.  I'm going to be good still but later I may swat at Louie.  The being good thing is over with now so I can be a bitch!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merrie Catmouse!

Twas the night before Catmouse
and all thru the house
not a creature was stirring
except for the heathens.

Mom was all snuggled in bed
while visions of chocolate danced thru her head.
I was sleeping all snug with Mom
snickering that heathens have to sleep alone.

When out on the lawn their arose such a clatter
I figured it was the neighbors shooting off the damned fireworks again!

But what to my wondering eyes did appear
but a fat man in red and 8 huge freaking lizards!
I called the cops on him. 
The end!


Mom wrapped our presents!  I don't think I  will be participating tomorrow cause it is all about the heathens.  I'd prefer to sleep and rest my loveliness.   And I don't play much but I know there will be treats! 

And this morning Mom woke up to hear Robin meowing.  A lot!  She knew something was up so she put on her glasses (cause she is really nearsighted) and went to see what was up.  HOLY CAT!!!  Robin had a lizard.  Mom came back in the bedroom and shut off the alarm system, got some paper towels and rescued the lizard.  Poor Robin, he lost the lizard.  Lucky lizard, he got to go back outside and be safe from heathens and me. 

I got really brave last night at bedtime.  I went out in the front room where Robin sleeps!  I got scared though and ran really fast back into Mom's bedroom.  I'm safe there!

I was able to make Mom feel better after her nightmare though.  Well, not really a nightmare.  She dreamt about the old icky job thing again, this time she got to tell one of the bitches to F*** OFF!  I think Mom needed that, even if it was just in a dream.   And then Robin started his meowing and woke us up and I didn't get to cuddle anymore.  That damned Robin. 

Lasers engaged!   Oh yeah, they look naughty!

Plaid and stripes so do not go together!  Get rid of the stripes!

OMC!!!  CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!  This is very exciting.

I'll be here till after the fat dude leaves tonight.  No one will ever find me here.

OK, I am going to bed now so it can be Christmas already!