Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And IT Begins!

hmmmm, the heathens keep taking the ornaments off the tree but the tree is still standing.  We are all shocked at that, cause you know we all figured it would be down in 24 hours.  Mom has had to pick up the plastic ornaments almost hourly.  Louie likes to play hockey with them.  Hermie likes one particular ornament and keeps taking it off the tree.  Robin likes to rub up against the tree.  I hate the tree. 

I did go out and look at it last night when Mom made me.  I saw it, I was not impressed.  I remember the tree we had when Bob was alive, it was big and green and I looked at it but mostly hid from it.  And Mom made me get in a picture with her in front of it.  She keeps doing that to me!  I think is horrible.  I hate it. 

I heard a rumor that Mom is going to attempt round one of holiday photos.  No Wraggs this year to wear the antlers.  Yes, Mom is sad about that.  She really was a good dog to let Mom make her look so silly.  She seemed to enjoy it, Wraggs that is.  She was always smiling in the photos.  I don't smile in photos.  I show my pretty green eyes and my half mustache and you are lucky not to see my backside.  Oh, my backside is pretty and pretty big, you can't miss it but I don't want everyone to see my wide load.  So I allow just a few pictures of me.

But not yet!  First there have to be a few of the heathens, being, well, heathens.
Hmmmm, I can see this photo op went well.  Hermie was so not letting Mom take a picture of him in that silly thing.  Don't blame him. 
Oh my, definitely not going well.
ooooo, look, a rear end view of my sweetie! 

Why would anyone ruin a perfectly good blog post with a picture of this one?  Honestly, how could anyone even think he is nice looking.  Yes, Mom likes him, she thinks he is a good kitty.  For a heathen.  But Hermie is the best, Robin is runner up, way way down the list, there is Louie.  He comes in last in my book.

Sigh.  Yes, I allowed this, this, this debacle to occur to me.  I was napping (of course) on Mom's bed and she came in with THIS thing and took my picture.  I look pretty though don't I?  Not that I am looking for compliments.  No, not me.  Still can't believe that only Mom saw my potential for beauty and love.  I thank my lucky stars every day that Mom came into my life. 
I'll be hiding the rest of the day.  I so do not want to participate in that holiday crap.  I will, eventually give in and be in a picture with Mom and maybe Hermie but not the others.  ick

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