Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It is almost time for the fat guy to visit!!!  (hey, is that Mom's guy?    No?  Whew, I knew she didn't like fat old guys....)

Mom got the heathens something special for Christmas.  I mean Santa did.  They are called Hex Bugs and they are a kids toy but she saw that another cat lady got some for her heathens and they liked our heathens are getting some too.  She let them see one of them last night.  Mom was laughing at how the boys acted.  Just wait till after Christmas for a short video......and of course photos.  We kitties are so not spoiled rotten. 

Me and Mom have been sleeping in lately.  Mom isn't feeling real good, her head hurts and she was coughing.  She didn't bring up a hair ball though...I am gonna have to give her some laxatone to help her pass that damned thing!   And get this, today she went to the MALL!  Just to get her contacts, the ones made of gold.  (expensive).  The mall wasn't scary but it was early and Mom only wanted her contacts.  Lots of shopping going on, which is good for the economy.    And she got some gooshy foods for us!  No, not at the eye place but Target.  Coupons!  Mom loves them! 

So yesterday, I was minding my own business, napping.  And Mom came in and saw I was being cute so she went back for her camera.  Well, I was having none of that  so I waddled under the bed away from the camera.  I figured I was safe when Mom left me alone in the bedroom.  I couldn't resist my pink bed though.  I needed the squishy bed!  I got in it.  And OMC!  Mom came back in.  Shit
I got balls.  neener neener heathens!

Yes.....balls.  Mine, all mine! 

Boys got to go outside again.  They like it out there, even Robin who lived outside for a while.  They do not understand that we are INSIDE KITTIES.  OUTSIDE BAD!

That one you can let out Mom.  Well, crap, she says they are inside kitties and are staying.  crap.
mmmm yummy, a Hermie freshly rolled in dirt.  Nothing better than that.  Unless it is Louie shoved out the door.  But that would hurt Mom and I don't want her hurt.  Fine, he can stay here.  He just better stop harassing me. 

Well, this was a quiet day.  Everyone is on their best behavior, which for a heathen is VERY difficult.  Of course I am a perfect angel.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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