Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bring me the Wookie...........

I'm sorry I didn't make a post yesterday.  Mom wouldn't let me on the computer at all!  She said something about 'holiday pictures'.  I didn't want to hear those words.  Dammit, I hate the holidays.  She expects me to participate and be happy about it.  I'm only happy when it is Mom and me, alone.  No picture taking and no heathens.  sigh. 

Mom was yelling last night and all of us cats scattered.  I'm not sure which one of us did the naughty thing but I 'm sure it was Louie.  What, it wasn't a kitty she was yelling at but football?  Something about channeling Grandpa.  Aunt Adele is the same.  I guess they liked their dad.  I bet I would have liked him too. 

Finally Mom got the heathens to bed so I got some one on one time with Mom.  I just lay there and gave her the look of love and adoration.  And I was keeping her leg warm.  Mom finally picked me up and put me on her lap.  Oh, that was wonderful....tummy rubs!  I kept looking at her with adoration.  Sigh....I hope that happens again. 

Now, get ready, an awesome picture is about to appear.  Me, in all my glory.
I'm not fat.  I'm fluffy!  I embrace my fluffiness!

oooo, it is handsome Hermie!  Isn't he sexy?  Mom says he is a ham.   mmm, I love ham. 

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how many ways can I break you.................

Oh, Louie is checking out what the neighbors are doing.   You know, I think he is really casing their house.  He has heard that there are many, many breakables in there.  He is just itching to get his filthy paws on stuff. 

Well, it is Sunday and I am a resting after the wild night last night.  Mom isn't upset that Nebraska lost, she says they did very well and the Big 12 can shove it.  From what I've read....Mom isn't the only Husker fan that says that. 

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