Thursday, December 2, 2010


Brrrrrr, it got cold here last night!  Yes, I know, this is Florida but we are used to warm stuff, not that cold crap that came in last night.  I was nice and warm though, I had Mom to keep me warm.  We had the ugly quilt on the bed too, it keeps Mom warm.  She doesn't have the pretty fur to keep her warm that I do.  Strange but true.  I won't complain TOO much about the cold but it got down to 42 this morning outside.  Inside it was warmer, 70, but still that is cold!  Mom keeps the temperature at 80 in the summer.  She said she won't be doing that over the winter.  I'm bummed and wish I could reach the thermostat or even knew what a thermostat is!  

The simple things really please Mom.  She went grocery shopping yesterday and found her coffee stuff on clearance, cheap clearance.  She bought 4 containers (it is instant chocolate coffee).  Today she went to more stores to see if she could find anymore.   She ended up back at the usual grocery store and found 3 more containers so she got those too!  Mom is silly, liking that stuff. 

And get this, there were attempts at holiday pictures yesterday.  It did not go well.  Louie did not cooperate.  He made Mom chase him for 5 minutes before she could put the little pretty collar on him.  It didn't make him better looking and it really made Mom upset. 
Noooooooooooooooooo, no pictures!  It steals my soul and it makes me look stupid.  pssst, Louie, you ARE stupid.  And a soul?  I am so not sure on that.  Mom looks OK, if a little flushed from chasing after Louie. 

Hermie looks really happy to be in this situation.  Mom at least didn't have to chase him too much.  I'm sorry Hermie, I would help you out but that would mean coming out from under the bed and GASP almost participating.  That won't be happening.
I am not sure what they are looking at, birdies or the neighbor lady.  I think birdies.  They enjoyed the open windows.  Mom opened the windows in the bedroom to get some fresh air in there too.  I'm not sure what she was implying.  I checked, I don't stink.  Must be her.

Mom likes this picture of Robin.  OK, so do I.  He isn't a totally bad cat, close though, cause he is a boy and he is here but he doesn't try and bite me like the other two do.

I know, I know....Poor Robin.  Mom says he is really good about this stuff.  He doesn't know better.  It might be that he is on an antidepressant for his bladder issue.  Or it might be that he likes to indulge Mom a bit.

So, this morning Mom was all ready to come in the bedroom and take photos of me.  I went under the bed.  My hair isn't done, no makeup on.  I look hideous!  So no pictures of me.  Whew.  Yet.  I'm sure there will be.  sigh

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