Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eve Eve

OOOO, Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  Santa is working overtime to bring all the good kitties and doggies presents.   I get presents.  Not sure about the other ones in the house.  Mom has some presents too!  Girls get presents, boys get none! 

Mom wasn't feeling good last night.  She was all achy and her throat hurt so she took some blue stuff that made her feel better and sleep soundly.  She barely moved all night.  I made sure of it even.  I put my front part on her shoulder cause I  wanted to be close to her and make her feel better.  She says she feels better, which is good.  I don't like a sick Mom.  

Have you heard?  I've lost a little weight.  A little bit.  Mom says she can see it.  I'm so happy, it means the DIEt is working and maybe someday I can get off of it and eat real food again.  What?  You mean this is not temporary?  That I have to keep eating healthy?  Well, crap. 

Mom got the stuff for her sangria.  YUM!  It is some good stuff.  No, I don't drink sangria but Mom likes it.  And she needs stuff like that.

Today was grocery shopping day for Mom.  She had some funny things happen in the store.  She was walking down the canned vegetable/fruit aisle when an older gentleman asked if she could help him.  He said his wife sent him to the store to get cherries for a pie and he purchased the wrong ones and is back again.  He asked me 'what is it she wants?'  They had to look thru what was there and Mom pointed him to cans of cherries that are not considered 'pie filling'.  As they were standing there another older gentleman came up and asked 'what kind of cherries does my wife need'.  So some quizzing occurred 'what is your wife making?'  'Cookies I think'.  (wow....)  So Mom said she wants dried cherries and pointed him to the department that has the dried fruit.  Today, Mom was the Cherry answer lady.  It made her giggle, thinking of all the clueless men grocery shopping (some men can shop).  Then of course there is the entire group of men at the malls buying for their significant other....going into Victoria's Secret to get her something and trying to figure out what size she is and of course they will walk out of the store with something that is more for them than is for the woman in their life.  Lots of excited men and disappointed women. 

Time for some more old time pictures. 

Mom still lived in Nebraska at this time and Misty went to Grandma and Grandpa's a lot.  And was there for Christmas and got to sit on all the presents and bite Grandpa.  He had it GOOD!
Misty in 1992, when Mom lived in Florida at the other house.  He had it GOOD!  No other kitties in the house.  I guess Misty hated other cats, so much so that he would try to kill them.  Mom could only have Misty as an only kitty and it made her sad.  I guess that might be why she has a zoo with us 4 cats. 
Oh, Mom's old doggie Tracy.  She adopted Tracy when she was a little girl.  I understand that Tracy was very protective of Mom and would growl at anyone who made her upset.  I can understand that. 
Oh, another dog!  This is Dino.  He really loved Mom.  And she really loved him.  Whenever Mom came to visit, Dino would follow her and want to be held by her at all times.  And she did it!

What the heck is this?  It looks creepy.  Oh that is just the cover on the couch.  It was butt ugly!  And the kitty, I think that is Bambi (he was a big boy) and the other things, they look like dinner.  No?  Guinea Pigs?  That isn't dinner?  That is too bad.

I hope everyone is behaving themselves....cause you know, the fat guy won't visit you if you are naughty. 

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