Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fresh food

Mom heard that I've been calling her a fat ass.  She agreed with me of course.  She's trying hard at this now.  Not sure how successful she will be.  Exercise and eating right is a pain but it really is the only way to lose weight.  And do it the healthy way. 

The boys had fun looking out the patio just now.  Look at them.
I don't know what they are all excited about.  But they are.  I know they like to go out there and play on the patio but Mom only let them out there for a little while this morning.  She promised them more time this afternoon when she is making her dinner. 

I really have no idea what could make them so excited.  Lots of chirping and cackling from them.  Stoopid boys.

OOOOO, that makes sense now.  Two turtle doves in the back yard.  Yes, the grass is brown, it is WINTER.  Not everything is green in the winter in Florida.  Plus this kind of grass goes dormant in the winter.  In the spring, once it starts raining again, it will be green and pretty.  But for now, it hides the doves nicely except the heathens still saw them.  Wish I could have seen them. 

I slept with Mom again last night, like always.  But early this morning I went out to sneak some of Robin's kibble.  I must have been gone a long time.  Cause when I came back in the bedroom I was shocked.  And PISSED!  Robin had the audacity to be in MY BEDROOM!  It is MINE!  I do not share Mom.  I hissed at him and he just sat there.  He didn't run from me.  He just looked at me like I was stoopid.  I am so not stoopid, you are stoopid!  I cannot believe that he was in there.  I got on the bed with Mom and kept looking for Robin on the floor, even when he was gone.  I didn't trust him to not jump me.  Even though he has never bothered me. 

Imagine walking into YOUR SAFE PLACE and finding this, this, this HEATHEN.  I was really upset.  Mom told me I was OK.  I didn't believe her.    I'm better now, I am safe cause the bedroom door is closed and there are no heathens to bother me.

This would be much better to see in the bedroom.  sigh.......I love spots. 

Louie would like his doves fresh, no frying, maybe leave a few feathers.  (Heathen, I want my food out of a can or Robin's kibble bowl.  I only like fresh stuff to play with, like lizards!)

Shibbers....I am going to have nightmares forever.

Wish me luck in my afternoon sleep.  Think happy thoughts:  no heathens, Mom to myself, all the kibble I want.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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