Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Today we see some of Christmas past...Mom's past.  Mom grew up in small towns in Nebraska, the youngest of 5.  One sister, three brothers and Mom.  And of course her Mom and Dad.  I bet they would have welcomed all of us kitties with open arms.  But I hear at that time the kitties lived outside.  Nope, I am in inside kitty.  I do NOT do outside at all. 

Mom is 2 years old here.  psssst, she still has the baton.  Seems Aunt Adele was a baton twirler and Mom needed a baton!  (it is very special to her too)

Mom is 7 here.  It was a really bad year...her big brother died in a car accident and no one told her what it meant.  He was just 20 years old.  BTW, the orange bear, she had for years, even though her dog Tracy ate one of the eyes.  But Christmas still came and everyone was able to go on.

My grandma and namesake gave everyone socks for Christmas.  Except for Robin.  See the guy in the front in the red shirt with no socks in his hands?  Yup, that is Robin.  That is who the new kitty is named for.  
Wow, that is an oldie too!  Mom is the little girl, they boy in blue is her brother Tony and the one in gold is Robin.  I not sure who the fat guy in the red suit is though.

Oh, more current pictures!  That is Mom with Misty.  He looked soooo pretty.  I hear he was the cat from hell though.  I guess looks can be deceiving. 

Scary, he really was a nice looking cat.  I think he was like 19 almost 20 years old by the time this picture was taken.

oooooo, look, it is Bob and Wraggs!  This is the first year they lived here with Mom.  Mom had to have Misty sent to the bridge that September and that same day she said she would adopt Bob.  She was already adopting Wraggs.  They were both her Mom and Dad's dog and cat so they already were family. 
Another year with Bob and Wraggs.  Don't they look happy! 

Yup, a happy little family.  Bob is so handsome in the antlers.

Here they are in 2006.  Still BE (Before Ellie). 

The last year before I joined the family.  They look like they are having fun.  Cannot believe that Mom wrapped up Wraggs.  Thankfully Bob got to avoid most of the indignities.

My first year here!  I wasn't so happy to be in the photo but I put up with it.  I'd do almost anything for Mom. 

Oh yes, last year.  Not a good time.  Bob passed away and Mom got the heathens.  I wish there was a vaccine for heathens. 

I got to be in a picture alone with Mom.  This is as it should be.

And here Mom and I are this year.  Yeah, I am thrilled to be in the holiday picture.  Big freaking whoop.

Mom says Santa will be here this week.  I hope he brings me food.  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry.  Diets suck.  Mom said something about walking and jogging.  I am sure she doesn't mean me but her.  She is gonna get her fat ass out there and run very slowly.  One of the things she knows will help her lose weight.  And it will help her mood (she is a little down right now, stuff in life but she is OK).  

There seem to be things in Mom's closet for kitties, I'm not supposed to look but I do anyway!  There are kitty beds, and toys and a cat house.  Man, we are gonna hit the mother lode!  But I'm not seeing any good foods in there.  MOM, GET TO WORK ON THAT!

OK, I've bored you enough with the old time pictures.  I'm going to nap.   


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